Celebrity Homes: George Clooney's Homes


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January 8, 2015
Celebrity Homes: George Clooney’s Homes

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George Clooney is one of the most talked about celebrities. In this blog our most popular article of 2014 was about him. If you want to see two of the houses that he own continue reading. Of course, Los Angeles is one of the locations of a George Clooney home and his house is just breathtaking. Today, The Most Expensive Homes is going to show you some of the amazing George Clooney’s Homes. Take a look!

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He bought this home thinking about his family and friends and now that he is newly married it is a perfect place to be with his wife Amal Alamuddin.

Celebrity Homes: George Clooney's homes

Celebrity Homes: George Clooney's homes

This house is situated in Lookout Mountain Avenue, Los Angeles. He being the star he is of course the house has is touch of luxury but, at the same time, it has a cozy ambiance and it is a space full of personality.

Celebrity Homes: George Clooney's homes

The living room areas are really comfortable and have a lot of space, the kitchen is a open space so there is more dialogue and interaction of the family. Outside there is more a sense of luxury and unique living space with a big pool.

Celebrity Homes: George Clooney's homes

He drives everyday to Los Angeles to go to work but it is a pleasure and specially if he knows that when he returns home he will be surrounded by family and friends in his beautiful home.

Celebrity Homes: George Clooney's homes

To escape the city there is nothing better than a house country side like. For this he has a gorgeous italian villa. He purchased this house in 2002 for $11.7 million.

Vila Oleandra has an amazing 25 rooms, a big swimming pool, a theater and a garage.

Celebrity Homes: George Clooney's homes

This expensive home is more luxurious then the LA one and in addition to all the features referred above this villa has a tennis court, a full gym, beautiful gardens, ornate ceilings, massive bathrooms, a impressive “pizza room” and a constructed wall that pours water into the house wall.

The house is located in Laglio, Italy, this area in Europe is known for having many celebrity houses including Donatella Versace. It is the perfect place for the stars to rest in the privacy of their families.

Celebrity Homes: George Clooney's homes

Has you can see George Clooney has his real estate life resolved with beautiful, luxurious and also expensive homes. We will tuned about more purchases that he might do!

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