Tommy Hilfiger's New York Penthouse: a staggering old world glamour


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September 25, 2014
Tommy Hilfiger’s New York Penthouse: a staggering old world glamour

This isn’t just an outrageoulsy expensive home. Listed for a staggering $80 Million, Tommy Hilfiger‘s New York penthouse has something unique about it, something that really catches one’s eye: a rich and unique decor inspired by the early 1900’s glamour. You’ll find out why next!


The luxury penthouse occupies the 19th and the 20th floors of the famous New York Plaza Hotel and has a private terrace overlooking Central Park.

The interiors are really impressive. We love the classic style mixed with antiques and wharol’s artwork. “We really wanted to go back to the way the Plaza was in the beginning when Truman Capote had the black and white ball” says Tommy Hilfiger to CNN.

truman capote black and white ball

The Black and White Ball was a masquerade ball held on November 28, 1966 at the Plaza Hotel. Hosted by author Truman Capote, the ball was in honor of The Washington Post publisher Katharine Graham.

Details throughout the penthouse are reminiscences of the original iconic building’s interiors. “The original Plaza had red carpets on the stairs” The fashion mogul exemplifies, a detail he applied to the penthouse’s stairs.

The top fashion designer and his wife bought the penthouse for $25 million back in 2008 and spent $17 million over three years in order to create a 6,000 square foot apartment which includes the dome atop the hotel.





This is the beauty of old world charm with a modern twist at its best. Contemporary art is every where! “I think that if you surround yourself with things you love, then it makes for a great home design”. Great tip Tommy!

Take a look at Tommy Hilfiger’s CNN interview.

Would you buy Tommy Hilfiger’s New York Penthouse?

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