The world's most expensive apartment: a hyper luxururious penthouse


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March 7, 2014
The world’s most expensive apartment: a hyper luxururious penthouse

Rising above the waters of the Mediterranean and the captivating Principality of Monaco, the most expensive apartment in the world, actually a penthouse, surpasses contemporary luxury.monaco-penthouse-the-world's-most-expensive-apartment

The pad is located on top of Odeon Tower, which besides this hyper-luxury penthouse also harbors 70 luxury apartments and 2 duplex. The project has architect Alexandre Giraldi’s signature, who is known as a master of elegant, modern, European architecture. It is due to be complete in July and, prepare yourselves, the penthouse could be listed for nearly 300 million $, which makes it the most expensive penthouse in the world.


Windows from floor-to-ceiling and the most elegant private terraces allow to enjoy the glorious and natural light of the South of France. The panoramic views are breathtaking. Inside, you will find the finest materials, tastefull design as well as a blend of practicality and impeccable style. Dry cleaning, housekeeping and valet services will all be organised by residents from touchscreen controls in each apartment.

The multi-story penthouse represents 3,300 sq meters of pure luxury, complete with a private water slide and an exclusive infinity pool. As this wasn’t enough, the residents of the penthouse also have access to the luxury tower’s Turkish and Russian  saunas, several swimming pools, private spas, a full-time concierge, luxury on-site supermarket, private chauffeured limousines, private car valeting and a cinema.


Renowned for yacht-filled marinas and its casinos, Monaco has become a magnet for the richest  in the world. It’s also known for hostin annual events like Formula One Grand Prix, The Rolex Tennis Master, The Monte-Carlo Arts Festival or the Monte-Carlo Jazz Festival, which make Monaco one of the world’s most glamorous locations.


Wouldn’t you just love to live on such a penthouse?





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