Amenities Every Dream Home Dhould Own


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March 27, 2015
Amenities Every Dream Home Should Own

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An indoor swimming pool, a mini golf course, a river or for a funnier side of things why not a slide instead of stairs? We are sure that you would like to have some of these fascinating luxuries in your dream home. Also, maybe, you want to be pinpointed as one of the most luxurious homes in the world. Today, The Most Expensive Homes presents some amenities every dream home should own. Take a look!

An Indoor swimming pool is like having a hotel inside your home. It is unimaginable!

Amenities Every Dream Home Should Own

Similar to a swimming pool but much fancier is a river!

Amenities Every Dream Home Should Own

Amenities Every Dream Home Should Own
You can go on a camping road trip but if you had a river inside your own home you could relax and enjoy the sound and reflection of the water at you own home. It is an absolutely eccentric option! Relax on your banks close to your homemade river running throw your dream home, a dream came true!

Amenities Every Dream Home Should Own A mini golf course for your kids to play or even you on a sunny evening. It is an entertaining way to spend the weekend, for example. You will not see this in every home, enjoy because it is one of a kind! A “press for a champagne button.”. Some restaurants in NYC and London have installed this kind of amenities. Why not have one your home? The-Most-Expensive-Homes-Amenities-every-dream-home-should-own-luxuries-champagne-button If you like staircases in the most expensive homes and they are voluptuous and big it is even better to have something that almost nobody has a slide! See for yourself! The-Most-Expensive-Homes-Amenities-every-dream-home-should-own-luxuries-slide Rock climbing wall. Another great way from a floor to another! Amenities Every Dream Home Should Own The screening room, this is a possible thing to the if we compare it to all the amenities we pointed above. Anyway, we are not talking about any screening room. To be eccentric and be the category of luxuries to have it has to be big all the way! You cannot say No to a movie screen like this! The-Most-Expensive-Homes-Amenities-every-dream-home-should-own-screening-room What else for a dream home full of amenities? Of course, you will need a spa room, a sauna, a jacuzzi and a steam room. To have a room Harry Potter like a luxury item that cannot be forgotten is a hidden room accessible throw a bookcase, opened by a press of a button. Priceless, this is a good option for a luxurious lounge! The-Most-Expensive-Homes-Amenities-every-dream-home-should-own-hidden-room-bookshelf What do you think of our selection of amenities every home should own? Confess: you want to build a home with some of this luxuries! Let us know which option is your favourite!

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