The Most Expensive Malibu Villa


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March 9, 2015
The Most Expensive Malibu Villa

Malibu is the beach place to live in because it is luxurious, relaxing and an iconic place. Are you looking for a beautiful, vintage, stylish, filled with luxury home in California? Do you have some money to spare? If so, you have to take a look at this home that is one of the most expensive homes in Malibu Beach.

The Most Expensive Malibu Villa

This Los Angeles Villa Contenta in Malibu is a huge, dreamy and exclusive 12,000 square foot property.

The Most Expensive Malibu VillaThe Most Expensive Malibu Villa

If you’re a relaxing type or person you can just walk by and enjoy the scenery. The villa is surrounded by an impressive garden with an ocean view.
If you fancy a tennis game, this villa got you covered. A game on the tennis court will be followed by a glass of champagne and a snack made by the chef in your gourmet kitchen. Your mates will love it. To make their day perfect, let them spend the night in the outside guest house.




The Most Expensive Malibu Villa

Inspired by Mediterranean and Greek style, the LA Villa Contenta is absolutely elegant. It´s such a nice home, perfect for you and your family. With 4 bedrooms and a double living room, there is space for everybody.

There´s entertainment for everyone. You’ll have your own theater. Take some time to see the latest movie or watch your favorite concert on a big screen with surround sound.The only thing better is to be in the show.

The Most Expensive Malibu Villa

Price? Well… if you have to ask you probably can´t afford it. To buy this breathtaking villa, you´ll have to get rid of $54,000,000 US.

Luxury, exclusivity and elegance come with a high price tag but if you have some cash… don´t hesitate. This is everyone´s dream house.

If you don´t have this kind of money just keep on dreaming. It´s a nice thing to do.

What do you think? Let us know in the comment section below!

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