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About Us
The Most Expensive Homes blog started as a way to connect with interior design and luxury lovers. We tend to ramble on about all sorts of things, projects, famous people, luxury houses and things that we found inspiring.

The Most Expensive Homes aims to bring you an exclusive look inside the world's most extravagant celebrity homes and over-the top properties around the world. And if you have a palatial estate, you also need fitting hyper-luxury furnishings! We talk about limited edition design, haute craftsmanship furniture, anything for your million dollar interiors everything worthy of your dream home.

Hyper-luxury is the new trend and The Most Expensive Homes wishes to explore this concept to its full length. This is the right place for you to find the house of your wildest dreams. So enjoy!
I’m a fan of glamour, luxury, and beautiful lives. I created this blog to share with you the most amazing houses and interior decorations of the most important celebrities in the world.
I also hope to share some ideas with everybody that just loves celebrity, their homes and style. Feel free to share some ideas and don’t forget to comment! Who don’t want to know how their biggest idol lives?
Don’t you want to see the perfect life that the celebs have and take some ideas for your own house? Know also what are the top luxury homes and where they are located, from glamorous Beverly.
If you want to make a suggestion, to ask something about the blog or a project, please feel free to contact us. We will answer you as quickly as we can. Hope to hear from you soon.
The Most Expensive Homes welcomes submissions from architects, designers, luxury real estate agents and others who would like to see their work published. Our readership includes journalists and people in search of their dream home, so The Most Expensive Homes is a great place to build awareness of your work. We are unable to pay for photography but we will happily give credits, links and full copyright details where appropriate. Thank you for submitting content to The Most Expensive Homes.
The Most Expensive Homes is a luxury real estate blog which brings itsreaders the world's most extravagant and enchanting homes on a daily basis. Over 50.000 thousand people visit this blog every month and this number is increasing. The Most Expensive Homes is becoming a popular web-destination for luxury house hunters, architects and interior designers worldwide.


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  • Center tables and Consoles bring that extra touch to the design of a luxurious living room. Either for just the amazing looks and beautiful combinations they provide or because of their functionality. In this opulent living room design, we can see 2 Thor Center Tables together to fuse every piece into one beautiful flow of architecture.
  • This is an elegant bespoke interior with a modern classic touch, and a perfect balance between statement handcrafted pieces and more neutral, functional elements. The result is an incredibly comfortable home for the modern luxury lifestyle!
  • To find a balanced design for a living room it is necessary to look for the key points that define it. It has to be luxurious and the Empire Chandelier is perfect for that. In another way, the combination between the stunning Charla single sofa and the Anguis plus the elegance of the Beyond center table keeps the room also welcoming and comfortable. For a modern twist, the Crackle mirror is the perfect statement piece to adorn any wall.
  • The concept of luxurious living has certainly evolved over the years. Modern luxury is about blending beautiful designs and plush materials, thus creating a layered and refined interior space. Moodier atmospheres comprised of darker colors and pops of gold have become rather trendy as of late as their timeless and sophisticated character is undeniable.
  • The dining table is like the lead actor in a dining room design. So, it’s better to enhance your décor style with a high-quality and modern table. The Apotheosis Dining Table by Luxxu is inspired by Greek Mythology and it’s a symbol of glorification of design and innovation. The polished brass legs give an unusual and chic effect to this piece that supports a marble and wood top.
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