Dakota Johnson: An Intimate Tour Through Her Elegant LA Home


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October 27, 2023
Dakota Johnson: An Intimate Tour Through Her Elegant LA Home

Dakota Johnson: An Intimate Tour Through Her Elegant LA Home – Dakota’s Home is a mirror of her own aspirations and tastes, originally brought to life by the architect Carl Maston. As the actress’ career became more and more hectic, a safe haven for herself arose as a need. Secludedly located in Los Angeles, right at the heart of Hollywood, Johnson’s midcentury home is a flagship celebration of vintage-inspired modernity and comfort. In this The Most Expensive Homes Blog article, we invite you to an intimate tour, brought to us by Architectural Digest, through her refuge of peace and inspiration.

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Dakota Johnson

An Intimate Tour Through Her Elegant LA Home

Dakota Johnson's Living Room
Image: Simon Upton

Johnson’s living room is much like an open heart, allowing both memories and light in. She spends most of her time here, wether alone or with friends and family. It is the perfect place to unwind, as its earth tones blend in perfectly with the big Boho-influenced rug that embrances the core of the room. It resembles a vintage paradise: the beautiful antique piano is a Wurlitzer and it is the perfect companion piece to the woody soul soothing furniture. Although the sideboard fuses exquisitely with the vintage spirit of the living room, it is a modern one, which just goes to show how much of an impact design can have in favour of mood and ambience. The source of music is, unsurprisingly, a vinyl record player.

Editor’s choice

Algerone Sofa and Algerone Sideboard

Dakota Johnson's Office
Image: Simon Upton

What the actress’ house lacks in grandeur, it makes up for with deep and unashamedly upfront cultural sensibility. Take for instance her office, which serves as an amalgamation of her own personal life and her interests. From her collection of books to her big-sized framed pictures, there is no mistaking how true to herself this division is. Her office hair strikes a visual chord as a distinct piece, with its square patterned upholstery. The woody tones remain the chromatic and textural focus, enchantingly breathing tranquility into the space.

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Dakota Johnson's Master Bedroom
Image: Simon Upton

The wonder of the master bedroom is one of beautiful appeasement. Dakota’s love for rugs is in full display. The custom Gucci blanket that covers and decorates her bed is a quiet but strong statement of personality. As for the vintage sconce and rattan chair, it adds a touch of a laidback vintage spirit, akin to the actress’ character. The cabinet is also a magnificent piece that perfectly encapsulates the marriage between style and nature.

Dakota Johnson's Dining Room
Image: Simon Upton

Natural light is a daily guest in the dining room, which is a superb way of bringing attention to the glass dining table. The gorgeous chairs made out of wood assert simplicity and elegance. They are tastefully proportionate and delicately elegant. Again, the pairing of subdued artistry with the huses of natural colours truly is a sight to behold.

Editor’s choice

Algerone Rectangular Dining Table and Sprig Cabinet Handle

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Dakota Johnson's Kitchen
Image: Simon Upton

Without question, the shade of green that fills Dakota’s kitchen respects her home’s colour palette while also taking an unexpected turn. It envelops the cabinetry in a warm and cozy hug. Dakota’s ever-present love for statement Boho remains and grants the kitchen a splash of shapes and patterns that contrast the muted organicity of the space. Sophistication comes in many different ways, and this kitchen exhibits its most unassuming endeavours in design and decor refinement.

Dakota Johnson's Outdoor Space
Image: Simon Upton

Dakota’s garden is a gentle invite to unwind and bask in the sunlight, with trees serving as a scenic backdrop. With a heated pool and a hot tub, luxurious leisure times are guaranteed. Next to the pool are two beautiful chairs that appear to be a modern take on traditional swedish tapestry.

There is an undeniable ease as to how simple pieces of outdoor furniture assert charm and character, much alike Dakota’s disposition.

Editor’s choice

Suspicion Side Table

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Dakota Johnson's Bamboo Outdoor
Image: Simon Upton

Bamboo doesn’t just serve as a privacy curtain for Dakota Johnson’s residence – it also is a magnific backdrop to establish an intimate connection with nature.

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