Arcahorn: Contemporary Italian Furniture


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June 21, 2022
Arcahorn: Contemporary Italian Furniture

Arcahorn: Contemporary Italian Furniture – Arcahorn is a brand that specializes in the processing of Zebu horn into one-of-a-kind home decorations and furniture pieces that are totally handcrafted in Italy. Mario Guerra, a young artisan enamored with natural materials and delicate craftsmanship, chose to open a studio in Recanati, a small Italian town steeped in culture and tradition, in 1958. A.R.C.A. Artigiana Recanatese Corno e Affini was founded as a company specializing in the processing of Zebu horn into unique pieces. Continue reading this article by The Most Expensive Homes blog to learn more about this luxury Italian brand that was present at Salone Del Mobile Milano’s 60th edition! Enjoy!

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First Creations

Arcahorn: Contemporary Italian Furniture

Cutlery, dinnerware, jewelry, and personal care accessories were among the first products created. Arcahorn is fashioned into eternal creations and shows its veins, which are constantly varied by nature, using only the hands, fire, and a few tools.

Arcahorn: Contemporary Italian Furniture

To create exclusive pieces that make our daily gestures unique, horn hues are blended with other precious materials selected with extreme care.

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Arcahorn Today

Arcahorn: Contemporary Italian Furniture

The founder passed on his enthusiasm and knowledge to his sons, Giorgio and Silvia, throughout time. The company began engaging with designers in the early 2000s and embarked on a new route, focusing on the manufacturing of related furniture. In 2013, the company established the trademark Arcahorn and began concentrating on the production of high-end furniture while maintaining a commitment to traditional workmanship. Each piece is distinguished by its flawless craftsmanship and painstaking attention to detail, and it is designed to fit into the most opulent private houses, yachts, hotels, and stores, as well as customized solutions.

Arcahorn Ethics

Arcahorn: Contemporary Italian Furniture

Their passion for workmanship is paired with environmental awareness. They use low-impact solutions and keep our production close to home and they only use horns from free-range Zebus that have been bred in accordance with the animals’ ethological inclinations. The species we chose (Horn Bos Taurus) is not protected under the Washington Convention, so no CITES certificate is required. Horn gains new value as a result of rigorous treatments aimed at increasing the organic properties of the raw material.

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Art In The Hands

Arcahorn: Contemporary Italian Furniture

Only after a rigorous production cycle requiring long lead periods and specific hand skills does Arcahorn reveal its distinctiveness. Each stage of processing is overseen by expert specialists who form horns using old techniques passed down through generations. The horn becomes malleable and ready to be smoothed after careful selection of the best pieces and their exposure to fire. With the help of a few tools, artisans transform horns into tiles that are skillfully put together to create one-of-a-kind sculptures with endless natural colors.

Blending Of Fine Materials

Arcahorn: Contemporary Italian Furniture

Arcahorn has a wide range of natural hues and warm tones. Only the finest materials are mixed with the horn to accentuate its unique characteristics. Elegant wood essences, marble, valuable leathers or fabrics, and hand-engraved metals are sourced from businesses that employ like-minded artisans who are also the greatest in their industries.

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