Brand New Projects With PullCast Hardware


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September 7, 2022
Brand New Projects With PullCast Hardware

Brand New Projects With PullCast Hardware – PullCast Jewelry Hardware creates unique pieces capable of transforming any ambiance. In today’s The Most Expensive Homes blog article, discover some of the brand new projects with stunning PullCast pieces and let yourself be inspired for your next interior design projects!

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Explore brand new projects with PullCast Hardware

Eclectic Dining Room

Brand New Projects With PullCast Hardware

Created by Sara Habib, an interior designer, and architect, the Art house contemplates amazing designs in each division. Like the name, a true work of art. For this article, we highlight this exquisite and eclectic living room with the Nouveau cabinet handle.

Brand New Projects With PullCast Hardware

What best describes this Nouveau cabinet handle is its distinctive and luxurious character, steeped in modernity and fluidity. The cabinet handle made of polished brass has an organic shape with a remarkable undulating attraction. Due to its refined character, Nouveau can be the perfect complement to contemporary or modern furniture designs, from sideboards and cabinets in your living or dining room like this.

Get the look:

Nouveau Cabinet Handle

Rooftop Apartment

Brand New Projects With PullCast Hardware

Designed by the award-winning luxury interior design studio Clé De Maison, this rooftop apartment in Vilnius, Lithuania, is dominated by lightness, light, refined elements, and lines of modern style. The Clé De Maison Interior stylistics are easily identified from the combination of contrasting materials and geometric patterns.

Luxxu Luxxu Lighting Mysaoutdoor Pullcast

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Brand New Projects With PullCast Hardware

Get the look:

Hendrix Door Pull

How about these brand new projects from PullCast Hardware?

Brand New Projects With PullCast Hardware

Then in the Master bedroom, we can find our special pieces, the Keysa door handles. This piece is inspired by the very irregular texture of pine bark, known for its infinite greenery. These distinct hardware pieces allow you to create a sculptural pattern in your furniture projects.

Get the look:

Door Handle Kesya

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Luxurious Movie Room

Brand New Projects With PullCast Hardware

If you always dream about a home cinema where you can see all your favorite movies having a cool luxury room at the same time, this project is the inspiration that you need! Tarek Kharbotly of BD Italia, created this amazing room using one of our most wanted pieces, the Flow door pulls.

Brand New Projects With PullCast Hardware

In golden shades, the elegant Flow door pulls present an organic form that translates subtlety and personality. The perfect addition for your interior design projects that will confer elegance and sophistication to any room.

Get the look:

Flow Door Pull

Four Seasons Hong Kong

Brand New Projects With PullCast Hardware

By the hands of AB Concept, the classic meets the contemporary aesthetic at this iconic hotel and aims to capture the vibrant energy of Hong Kong while maintaining the serenity of the Four Seasons. To complete the style and the whole incredible vibe of these places, AB Concept uses at the main doors some unique handcrafted pieces from PullCast Jewelry Hardware. From the Earth CollectionKesya door pull was the choice to sparkle this cocktail bar.

Brand New Projects With PullCast Hardware

With their unique design, these products create a unique and unique atmosphere. Crafted with the utmost skill by artisans with vast experience and a passion for the arts, Kesya door pulls are crafted with the highest quality materials and processes to deliver sophistication and specialty wherever they are used.

Get the look:

Kesya Door Pull

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If you enjoyed this article regarding Brand New Projects With PullCast Hardware you can also find more interior design inspirations on our Pinterest boards and Instagram page.

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