Discover 5 Different Types Of Luxury Bathrooms!


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October 20, 2020
Discover 5 Different Types Of Luxury Bathrooms!

Maison Valentina Newton Bathtub


Luxury Bathrooms are inviting every time you come after a long day of work, needing to relax. With that mindset, decorating a bathroom space is not always an easy task. What is the best way to match an imponent bathtub with smaller accessories? Or what are the best ideas to maximize the space in smaller bathrooms or guest baths? Most Expensive Homes would like to propose a great brand that could help you in a flash, Maison Valentina! Visit it and discover all the suggestions and ideas for 5 main topics: Guest Bathrooms, Main Bathroom, Master Bathrooms, Dressing Rooms, and Contract Bathrooms.


Guest Bathroom:

This guest bathroom featuring Tortoise Suspension Cabinet and Tortoise Mirror, as well as Lotus vessel sink is the living proof that you do not need a bunch of colors to make your bathroom stand out.


Koi Tall Storage is another product of our amazing Koi family. Finished with Walnut Root inside and out and Aged Brass Carps this product is perfect to display your finest accessories. Discreet yet exquisite, this tall storage provides you convenient storage space with its glass shelves and LED lighting once opening it!


Main Bathrooms:

The black gloss looks of the wood matching the different shades of white turn this Petra bathtub into one everlasting exclusive visual experience for the most luxurious bathrooms! The Duorum vessel sinks and the Midnight rug on the same light tones complete this marvelous decoration


Master Bathrooms:

The astonishing KOI Collection was unleashed in this gold Pantone bathroom, and it just looks absolutely amazing. From the KOI Bathtub to the KOI Mirror, the naturalité of this bathroom is one of a kind. The high-end look that the KOI Collection brings to your bathroom is out of this world.


Dressing Room:

As Ella is inspired by ancient Greece, it is not a coincidence that this puff gets you into a relaxing and elegant environment. Its softness and touch combined with its black luxurious color make the Ella Puff a one of a kind piece. Ella Puff features a soft velvet couch with an elegant polished brass contour, perfect to combine with any design type of project!


A fantastic dressing table is a quintessential element of any dressing room! The Symphony Dressing Table is a great option, especially if you have it paired with the Nui Stool and Heron Rug.



Imagine entering this magnificent bathroom hotel: here you will find our Koi Rectangular Vessel Sink, Groove Wall Mixer Tap, and the Abysm Jellyfish Surface. With our ATO (Assemble To Order) Collection, you are able to choose different Maison Valentina’s products and assemble them to complete your own luxury design. Specially thought for Hospitality and Contract projects, this collection will fulfill every single dream you have!


Shaped after a cogwheel, the Symphony Vessel Sink is a noteworthy piece thanks to its unique contemporary design. Ideal for any hospitality – or even residential – design, this marble sink is granted to add a “Je ne sais quoi” to any hotel bathroom, complemented by the Gold Onyx Surface!


All of these ideas transform all kinds of Luxury Bathrooms you may have! What do you think?



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Heritage penthouse in liverpool