Seven Hills Apartment: A Luxurious Home In Lisbon


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August 2, 2023
Seven Hills Apartment: A Luxurious Home In Lisbon

Seven Hills Apartment: A Luxurious Home In Lisbon – LUXXU joined forces with interior designer João Campinas to create a breathtaking apartment in Lisbon, Portugal, seamlessly merging modern and timeless elements inspired by the nation’s natural beauty and landscapes. The result is a space filled with sophistication and charm, adorned with decor pieces from LUXXU, PullCast, and Boca do Lobo, paying homage to Portugal’s rich cultural heritage and vibrant energy. Explore the remarkable Seven Hills Apartment in this article by The Most Expensive Homes Blog.

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Seven Hills Apartment

A Luxurious Home In Lisbon

The Entryway

In this apartment’s entryway, the essence of Portuguese craftsmanship is beautifully displayed through the elegant fusion of wood and marble, exuding a timeless and refined atmosphere. The Algerone Console by LUXXU, embellished with synthetic leather and brass accents, harmoniously accompanies the striking Vertigo Mirror, making them the standout pieces of the space. PullCast’s Spear Door Pull, inspired by Celtic mythology, adds a captivating touch. Moreover, a visually captivating staircase, illuminated by Magna Wall Lamps, gracefully connects the first and second floors, seamlessly blending functionality and aesthetics.

The Kitchen

In this exquisite apartment, the kitchen boasts a sleek and modern design, seamlessly blending refined cabinetry with wood paneling and marble accents, resulting in an elegant interplay of materials. The focal point is the impressive counter island, complemented by carefully chosen upholstered pieces and lighting fixtures that elevate the entire decor. To create a luxurious breakfast experience, three Galea Swivel Bar Chairs by LUXXU form a welcoming nook, beautifully highlighted by the radiant Liberty Small Pendants, adding a touch of elegance and opulence to the space.

The Dining Room

In this contemporary dining room, abundant natural light creates a welcoming and cozy atmosphere. With its elegant cream tones, the room invites guests to unwind in the unparalleled comfort of the Galea II Dining Chairs, evoking the grandeur of ancient Rome and connecting modern design with historical roots. Nature’s influence takes center stage through the Algerone Rectangular Dining Table, skillfully crafted from Statuario Marble, presenting a commanding presence and captivating design that reflects LUXXU’s meticulous attention to detail. The Darian Sideboard showcases exquisite artistry, while the Glance Mirror by Boca do Lobo and the Liberty Slim Snooker Suspension add a contemporary touch with their masterful craftsmanship and enchanting lighting effects.

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The Living Room

In this breathtaking apartment’s living room, boasting high ceilings, an incredible decor opportunity arose. João Campinas skillfully utilized the magnificent Magna Chandelier as the centerpiece, inspiring the entire decor arrangement. To achieve harmony, two elegant Draycott I Wall Lamps were placed on either side of the Algerone Bookcase, offering additional light. The Otto family’s graceful curves added an organic touch, with the Otto Sofa and two Otto Swivel Armchairs showcasing timeless elegance through their stunning design and luxurious materials such as velvet, leather, and brass. The Algerone Set Center Table completed the marble aesthetic, bringing the beauty of nature indoors and providing a perfect surface for books or beverages.

Get the look:

Algerone Bookcase and Otto Swivel Armchair

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The Bedroom

The master bedroom of this apartment stands out as a unique and luxurious sanctuary, featuring a calming color palette of beige and white with elegant grey accents for contrast. The custom Algerone Bed takes center stage, blending modern comfort with architectural-inspired design and high-quality materials. The ottoman and nightstands from the same collection complement the bed’s allure with their robustness and grace. The lighting fixtures, including four Magna Pendants and one Magna Wall Lamp, add sophistication to the space. The carefully crafted ceiling showcases unparalleled plasterwork, highlighting the meticulous craftsmanship and design that define this extraordinary bedroom.

The Bathroom

The bathroom radiates sophistication, achieved through the exquisite combination of marble, golden accents, and cream tones, resulting in a luxurious atmosphere. The striking Orbis Rectangular Mirror by LUXXU becomes a captivating focal point, infusing the space with depth and dimension. Every detail is meticulously chosen, and PullCast’s Twist collection offers the ideal hardware pieces to enhance the bathroom’s refined and elegant design.

Get the look:

Orbis Rectangular Mirror

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