Top 25 Most Influential Interior Designers in Florence


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January 14, 2021
Top 25 Most Influential Interior Designers in Florence

Top 25 Most Influential Interior Designers in FlorenceBest Interior Designers in Florence stand out as a great selection for you to work with a high-end designer, in order to design your amazing home. The Most Expensive Homes blog has rather a unique selection of 25 individuals whose cutting-edge designs and projects certainly speak for themselves, take a look!

Floor Samples

1. AB Arredamenti Bianchi

Top 25 Most Influential Interior Designers in Florence 1

AB Arredamenti Bianchi recognizes and respects the attention and care with which you furnish your home. Their goal is to assist you in the best way possible to formulate your ideas, plan your project, and realize a designed space that fully satisfies your needs.

2. Antico Setificio Fiorentino

Top 25 Most Influential Interior Designers in Florence 2

The Antico Setificio Fiorentino’s Bespoke Interiors are rich in harmonious suggestions focused on the desire to offer coordinated products made entirely by the expert hands of master weavers. Without any compromise, Antico Setificio Fiorentino’s interior design services are a true representation of the exceptional details required for a clientele who only desires the best in Italian manufacturing. interior designers, interior designers

3. Archea Associati

Top 25 Most Influential Interior Designers in Florence 3

Founded in Florence in 1988 by Laura Andreini, Marco Casamonti, and Giovanni Polazzi, Archea is a design studio in which over 100 architects collaborate, operating in the offices of Florence, Rome, and Milan. In 1999, Silvia Fabi, coordinator of the studio’s design activities, joined the founders. Thanks also to the collaboration with partner companies in Beijing, Dubai, and Sao Paulo, the studio has created works of architecture, design, interior design, and graphic design, all over the world.

4. Area-17

Top 25 Most Influential Interior Designers in Florence 4

Area-17 is a full-service architecture and interior design firm, whose philosophy of work is rooted in the Italian design culture. They proudly pursue the excellence of Italian design, providing their clients with innovative design solutions, fulfilling their cultural, aesthetic, operational, and marketing objectives. The firm specializes in retail, hospitality, and residential environments, with a focus on the high-end and luxury sectors.

5. Chiara Claudi

Aesthetics & Functionality for the home you have always wanted, which represents you and expresses who you are. A global stylistic project that expresses your personality while respecting feasibility and budget. interior designers, interior designers

6. DNJ Design

Top 25 Most Influential Interior Designers in Florence 6

Passion for the arts brought her to Florence in 2000 to further her studies; however, fate persuaded her to remain in the Tuscan capital, where she continued working in design, as well as pursuing her love for fashion and the arts. In 2015, she founded her own Boutique Design Studio DNJ Design, finally fulfilling her dream of creating a design brand tailored to the international luxury market. interior designers, interior designers

7. Francesco Paszkowski Design

Top 25 Most Influential Interior Designers in Florence 7

Research, experimentation, balance: the Francesco Paszkowski Design studio’s philosophy is all in these three words. For almost thirty years Francesco Paszkowski has been designing displacement and planing yachts in a range of dimensions for famous shipyards and a select international clientele. In collaboration with his team of designers and architects, Paszkowski and his studio have penned yachts that can be seen today navigating all over the world. interior designers, interior designers

8. Genius Loci Architettura

Top 25 Most Influential Interior Designers in Florence 8

Genius Loci Architettura is a prominent Italian architecture firm. It provides architectural, interior design, and planning services for Italian and international clientele. Operating as one enterprise with two offices in Milan and Florence, GLA is led by 3 partners and 2 directors. interior designers, interior designers

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9. Giuseppina Arena Architecture & Design

Top 25 Most Influential Interior Designers in Florence 9

Giuseppina Arena is an expert in Yacht Interiors, Luxury Residences, Private Jets, and Retail Showrooms. With over 18 years of experience in Architecture and Interior Design, she has managed projects in Italy, Asia, North and South America. Giuseppina earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from the University of Florence and a postgraduate Master’s in Yacht Design. interior designers, interior designers

10. Home Deck Interiors

Top 25 Most Influential Interior Designers in Florence 10

Home Deck Interiors focus on providing custom design solutions for hotels, home, and yacht interiors with particular attention to research bespoke alternative and style details.

11. ID Design

Top 25 Most Influential Interior Designers in Florence 11

ID Design is a furniture distribution company operating since 1996. The head office is located in Gambassi Terme (Florence) and includes the showroom and warehouse.

12. Impresa Giannetti

Top 25 Most Influential Interior Designers in Florence 12

Founded in Florence and handed down for 3 generations, Impresa Giannetti is a construction company specializing in general contractor, building renovations, conservative renovations, architectural restorations, and new buildings and technological systems. interior designers, interior designers

13. Luigi Fragola Architects

Top 25 Most Influential Interior Designers in Florence 13

Through a multidisciplinary approach, focused on the sharing of technical skills and creativity, innovative projects come to life that stands out at the same time for style and efficiency. Developing a unique and exclusive concept for each client is fundamental for the studio, which coordinates the design process, and all the following phases, to ensure that the result is an added value compared to the simple sum of its parts.

14. Matteo Baroni

Top 25 Most Influential Interior Designers in Florence 14

Matteo Baroni, an architect from Florence and creative designer, creates bespoke environments and spaces that put human needs and desires at the center. Refinement, personality, and value take shape in the projects and realizations signed by the architect of Florence Matteo Baroni in a perfect balance between conservation and inventions.

15. MRZ Architects

Top 25 Most Influential Interior Designers in Florence 15

MRZ ARCHITECTS is the office of architectural and interior design founded by Francesco Marzocca. Its activity ranges from brand concept and retail design to architectural design for offices, public spaces, and private residences. With experience gained in the international field and collaborations with European partners, from its headquarters in Florence, the office follows projects in Italy and abroad, offering the customer a tailor-made service, with customized solutions that enhance the features of each project.


Top 25 Most Influential Interior Designers in Florence 16

Passamaneria Moderna’s offers a space where “experts” can find timely answers and technical support throughout the design and operational phase, comparing themselves with the best available on the Italian and international market in terms of fabrics and materials for the decoration of any environment, be it a private home, an accommodation facility, a boat or a jet.

17. PLS Design

Top 25 Most Influential Interior Designers in Florence 17

PLS DESIGN was born in 2002 from the collaboration of architects Lino Losanno and Lorenzo Perini. From 1996 to 2002 they were both associates of Nardi Associates as managers of the retail sector (Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino, Ferré, Malo, Nannini, Iceberg), and of the architecture sector for the United States and the Middle East. Since 2002 PLS DESIGN deals with interior design, architecture, and restoration.

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18. Prima Design

Top 25 Most Influential Interior Designers in Florence 18

PRIMA DESIGN is an international full-service architectural, interior design, and artisanal craft consultancy firm with industry veteran James Cavagnari at the helm. Headquartered in Florence, Italy, the firm has developed more than 300 awe-inspiring projects across the globe, ranging from residential to commercial.

19. Pulina Exclusive Interiors

Top 25 Most Influential Interior Designers in Florence 19

Architect, designer, and founder of the studio with great experience as a style manager for the international leader in luxury yachts construction. His background includes arts, communication, technology, and interior design. Passion for elegance and obsessive attention to the details characterizes his approach to quality bespoke tailoring.

20. Ricca Zitoli

Top 25 Most Influential Interior Designers in Florence 20

The architecture, interior design, and product design studio Ricca Zitoli was founded in 2008 based in Florence, and immediately distinguished itself for the search for an accurate and elegant language in its projects. Most of the works are mainly aimed at the construction of homes, tourist residences, retail, and redevelopment of historicized containers, with particular attention to the consistency between the built environment and the space that surrounds it.

21. Riccardo Barthel

Top 25 Most Influential Interior Designers in Florence 21

A fierce team of architects and interior designers put their expertise at the service of designing new environments for contemporary living according to the unmistakable Barthel style. The result is a decor that evokes ancient splendor, although inlaid in a young and exclusive context.

22. Rossano Scontini

Top 25 Most Influential Interior Designers in Florence 22

The company was founded in 1987, in the hotel contract sector, as an evolution of the group of companies operating in the field of furniture, born from the genius of its founder Rossano Scontini, whose professional experience began in 1967 as a craftsman. Today the company continues the tradition and passion for interior finishing, developing careful work for different types of customers, in two dedicated environments.

23. Savio Interiors

Top 25 Most Influential Interior Designers in Florence 23

Savio Interiors is a brand that specializes in “Business to Designer” solutions, undertaking important contract projects in both classic and contemporary design styles. Savio Interiors operates internationally as an ideal professional partner for architects and interior designers.

24. SEVOS Design

Top 25 Most Influential Interior Designers in Florence 24

In recent years I have gained my professional autonomy and learned the ability to manage the project from the conception phase to the realization phase, trying to follow the client’s needs within an established time frame. In 2012 I started my career as a freelance collaborating with important architecture firms such as Prima Design Firenze. In 2018 I founded SEVOS Design. interior designers, interior designers

25. Simone Micheli Architectural Hero

Top 25 Most Influential Interior Designers in Florence 25

Simone Micheli founded the homonymous Architecture Studio in 1990 and in 2003 the design company “Simone Micheli Architectural Hero” based in Florence, Milan, Dubai, and Rabat. He is a curator of thematic exhibitions, “contract” and more, in the context of the most important international trade fairs in the sector. interior designers, interior designers

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