Nada Shehab: Sumptuous Designs With A Masterful Touch


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October 11, 2022
Nada Shehab: Sumptuous Designs With A Masterful Touch

Nada Shehab: Sumptuous Designs With A Masterful Touch – The ability to harmoniously combine various elements is beyond the scope of the average interior designer, but the gifted Nada Shehab is not your average designer. Hailing from the lovely city of Cairo, she studied and honed the craft of interior design throughout her academic path, enabling her to provide, through her keen eye, the utmost diversity to some of her most exquisite projects so far. This The Most Expensive Homes blog article will walk you through some of her best designs!

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Top Projects By Nada Shehab

Majestic Villa In Sharjah

Nada Shehab: Sumptuous Designs With A Masterful Touch

This regal villa is located in the center of Sharjah and was created by renowned interior designer Nada Shehab. The ideal synthesis of modern and traditional styles that were carefully chosen to best represent everything Sharjah has to offer, from history buffs to more daring individuals. You’ll be enthralled by how this distinctive decor is packed with hidden treasures to discover, along with the unique masterpieces presented by the LUXXU and Boca do Lobo brands, which never fail to impress with their cutting-edge styles while preserving the best of classics.

Get the look:

Algerone Sofa 

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Luxurious Villa In Cairo

Nada Shehab: Sumptuous Designs With A Masterful Touch

The city of Cairo is renowned for its warmth, whether it be in the form of its inhabitants, culture, or even the weather, in addition to being a fountain of wealth regarding the incredible history of Egypt. In light of this, Nada Shehab‘s decision to use a warm color scheme was a no-brainer because it gives the project as a whole an opulent yet homey vibe. You can immediately tell that this beautiful space is out of the ordinary the moment you have the chance to admire it. You will notice uniqueness in every piece and every detail you may glance upon, from the kitchen to the living area.

Get the look:

Ocadia Armchair

Open Reception – Fifth Settlement, Cairo

Nada Shehab: Sumptuous Designs With A Masterful Touch

When you enter this stunning and opulent reception, you can immediately sense the superior interior design that has gone into every aspect of space management and piece selection by Nada Shehab. It is simply impossible to deny that you have just stepped into a brand-new world with out-of-this-world dimensions that are ready to easily mesmerize you.

Get the look:

Algerone Mirror

Luxxu Luxxu Lighting Mysaoutdoor Pullcast

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Nada Shehab Truly Creates Outstanding Designs

Small Apartment In Kenz Compound – Egypt

Nada Shehab: Sumptuous Designs With A Masterful Touch

This bedroom, which exudes an admirable ambiance, is a magnificent setting where interior designer Nada Shehab brilliantly achieved the ideal fusion of gorgeous art pieces with delightful décor, once again showcasing the professional’s masterful ability to bring diversity to any space. This space boasts the presence of stunning pieces that transform into subdued art while maintaining a modern aesthetic.

Flower Shop In KSA

Nada Shehab: Sumptuous Designs With A Masterful Touch

Here, you’ll find everything an opulent store entrance should have. There is no denying that Nada Shehab created this area to be a truly accurate representation of the eclectic design with lovely flowers and general biophilic elements all over, from fabulous marble counters to distinctive pendant lighting and even stylish black-painted walls.

Simple Living In Sharqeya, Egypt

Nada Shehab: Sumptuous Designs With A Masterful Touch

Climbing the Giza pyramids won’t feel as rewarding as passing through this entrance, a place of passage but not out of focus. Nada Shehab designed this entrance to gain a new appeal with the addition of impressive statement pieces of contemporary art to go along with white marble floors that will transport you to a new opulent oasis.

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