Shervanaz Interiors: An amazing Architect And Interior Design Firm


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August 21, 2019
Shervanaz Interiors An amazing Architect And Interior Design Firm

Shervanaz Interiors

Shernavaz Interiors is a Bangalore based team of professional interior designers with over 30 years of experience in delivering world-class projects. It’s lead by the incredible Shernavaz Bharucha who specializes in creating state of the art residences, commercial and hospitality projects in south India. And today, Most Expensive Homes brings you an exclusive interview. So keep on reading if you wanna find out more about their vision about interior design.




Shernavaz Bharucha has firmly established herself as one of the most talented interior designers in Bangalore. Her style is defined as classic meets contemporary. For her, the inventive and experimental process of realizing an individual space is the most gratifying part of her work.

Shervanaz Interiors An amazing Architect And Interior Design Firm
Image Credit: Shervanaz Interiors

“There’s something almost sacred about transforming a client’s artistic spirit and persona into physical terms. Traveling is also a crucial part of my job, and I like to think of each destination as a medium through which I can reconceive design. Observing semblances of a place’s culture and translating them into my own visual narrative has become instinctual to me. Whether it’s artefacts or ceiling installations, the objects of a land and how they can be recomposed always take hold in my memory.”

It was at the age of 17 that Shernavaz Bharucha entered in the world of interior design working at Talati and Panthaley, a Mumbai-based architecture and interior design firm. Years later, she’d established herself as a prolific designer but was navigating the intensity of being a working mom. Being meticulous, committed, and authentic helped her keep her footing and do justice to the often-conflicting aspects of her personal and professional lives.

Shervanaz Interiors An amazing Architect And Interior Design Firm
Image Credit: Shervanaz Interiors

While so many of her aspirations have been fulfilled, a career of designing such an assortment of spaces has led her to appreciate the necessity of simplicity and lung space within a residence, and she’d like to embrace this more. For instance, she has a persistent vision of a modest home built against the sprawling and dreamlike backdrop of the mountains or sea. Another hope she has is to own an old, time-worn home and rescue its rustic charm. I’d also love to decorate a space with my favorite works and objects, a poetic ode to art and life.

Shervanaz Interiors An amazing Architect And Interior Design Firm
Image Credit: Shervanaz Interiors

When asked about what makes Shernavaz Bharucha feel fulfilled professionally, she said that she tries to immerse herself in the versatility of design, switching between contemporary, contemporary-classic, and modern styles. Being spontaneous and organic during the creative process keeps things exciting. Above all, she values turning a house into a home for her clients, along with helping them conceive their ideas into tangibility, with comfort and sophistication imbued into the final piece.

Image Credit: Shervanaz Interiors

Her relationship with her clients is grounded in an intimate understanding of their vision and the emotional connotations attached. If she is working with a family, she tries to weigh in their individual artistic inclinations and desires during the brainstorming process. For Shernavaz Bharucha it’s essential that a client’s image of the finished space isn’t lost among the intricacies and logistics of design.

Image Credit: Shervanaz Interiors

She is known for going the extra mile for her clients, finding exactly what you need for your next project. She carries this philosophy with every project they work on, a team of professionals that is sure to bring the refinement and elegance that Shernavaz Bharucha is known for. Delivering premier luxury design in a professional manner without compromising on quality and client comfort is the motto of this interior design firm.

Shervanaz Interiors An amazing Architect And Interior Design Firm
Image Credit: Shervanaz Interiors

Shernavaz Bharucha usually handles about seven to eight projects at a time, most of them being residential homes or resorts. Right now, she is designing a spacious villa that is focused on lifestyle, with features like a spa, pool, home theatre, and even a putting track. Besides that, she is also working on the Serai line of resorts by the Café Coffee Day group.

Image Credit: Shervanaz Interiors

For Shernavaz Bharucha, trends seem to be gravitating towards playing with hues and texture in the form of fabrics, art installations, and floorings. She thinks that experimenting with light installations and shadows is also popular right now.

Image Credit: Shervanaz Interiors

When asked about the craftsmanship, Shernavaz Bharucha believes that Italian design culture is unparalleled in its sophistication and modern creativity and finishing especially in regards to furniture, lighting fixtures, furnishings, and natural stones. In recent years a number of Italian designers have been sourcing a lot of natural ecofriendly and sustainable materials like fabrics, be it silk or cotton or handcrafted wooden furniture /artifacts from India due to their accessibility here. Hence, would love to cultivate this in supplying more to international brands and adding value to Indian products.

Image Credit: Shervanaz Interiors

“I think we should collectively strive for a harmonious relationship with the natural environment – whether, by minimal lighting or employing sustainable materials, the design community is steadily moving towards an unprecedented confluence between conservation and creation. Interior design and art are in a constant state of flux and evolution, as we’re continuously fine-tuning and reimagining our notions of beauty. Ultimately, a house should be a microcosm of sensations and beliefs and comforts that you experience differently every day.”

Image Credit: Shervanaz Interiors




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