Algerone: An Architectural Collection


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April 12, 2022
Algerone: An Architectural Collection

Algernone: An Architectural Collection – Inspired by architectural elements and geometric features, Algerone presents a collection of furniture and upholstery made with fine materials such as polished brass and marble. The neutral tones are predominant in this collection and were perfectly chosen in order to adapt to any ambiance or style.

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Meet algerone the architectural collection

Algerone Bar Cabinet

Algerone: An Architectural Collection

The Algerone bar cabinet is a sleek and opulent design solution with architectural features. Its main component is Statuario Marble hence its strong and durable character. Algerone also highlights an interior handcrafted in smoked glass, polished brass, and glossy Eucalipto Frise Veneer. Ideal for an open-concept space or a contemporary living room, the Algerone bar cabinet is set to create a stunning visual effect.

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Algerone Mirror

Algerone: An Architectural Collection

Divided into three asymmetrical frames, the fragmented form of the Algerone mirror was designed to convey a more peculiar aesthetic that adds depth and interest to any space it bestows. Each frame is boarded with leather and brass details that further complement the mirror’s ornamental appeal. 

Algerone Sofa and Bookcases

Algerone: An Architectural Collection

The Algerone sofa was created to express the ultimate expression of comfort and luxury in a singular piece. Upholstered in smooth brown velvet, this linear sofa emphasizes the classical lines and geometric features that the Algerone family is best known for. The Algerone sofa is bound to become the enviable centerpiece of any living room style.

Inspired by architectural elements, the towering Algerone bookcase is bound to add a sense of modern glamour to any home office space. Its sleek structure is enhanced by a series of exquisite finishes, including Statuario marble and glossy Eucalipto Frise Veneer which seamlessly match with the polished brass detailing found throughout.

Get the look:

Algerone Sofa

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Algerone Ottoman

Algerone: An Architectural Collection

Algerone is an ottoman in neutral and warm tones designed to bring more character into any space. It was meticulously handcrafted and upholstered in brown velvet while also presenting details in brass and & glossy Eucalipto Frise Veneer. A luxury item that is rather adaptable to any ambiance or style. 

Algerone Dining Table and Chairs

Algerone: An Architectural Collection

Algerone is an imposing rectangular dining table, inspired by sleek architectural elements. This classic piece showcases the strength and classic nature of Statuario marble that is further enhanced by the presence of meticulously placed brass lines. The intertwinement of these materials makes for quite an alluring decor statement. 

The Algerone dining chair was designed as a neutral element for any sophisticated dining room area. Grey synthetic leather dresses its structure while brass and wood details introduce a sense of modernity and timelessness.

Ready to order some Algerone unique furniture pieces?

Algerone Longside Table

Algerone: An Architectural Collection

Made of the finest materials that exude sophistication and distinction, the Algerone long side table upholds the classical appeal of the Algerone family. Its marbleized top and leathery contours draw the attention of its beholders, easily becoming the detailed piece that any living space needs. 

Algerone Center and Side Table

Algerone: An Architectural Collection

The architectural allure of the Algerone family has inspired another design set suitable for luxury environments, such as a living room or a home cinema. The Algerone set center table comes with a larger table and a smaller one that provides the ultimate marble aesthetic. This sleek set is also completed with leather, glass, and brass features. 

The Algerone side table is elegant and functional in form and acts as a modern complement for luxurious environments. Gray leather embraces Algerone, fused to a smoked glass top and a marble base. Brass details bind the overall structure of the piece, offering it a more layered style.

Get the look:

Algerone Center Table

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Algerone Console

Algerone: An Architectural Collection

Algerone is an opulent console with acute geometric features, inspired by architectural elements. Just like its counterparts, it was designed to remind us of the unique strength and class that only marble has. Its Statuario marble top is supported by a sleek base adorned with synthetic leather and brass details. A design that will redefine the way one perceives console tables

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