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March 24, 2022
Céline, the mind behind Bococo Interiors

Céline, the mind behind Bococo InteriorsCéline Jedidi needs no introduction. The principal designer of Bococo Interiors has been making waves in the design industry due to her incredible classic yet sophisticated yet eclectic interiors.

Céline Jedidi the mastermind of Bococo Interiors

Céline, the mind behind Bococo Interiors
Image Credit: Bococo Interiors

Céline comes from a long lineage of artists. Her great-grandfather was a celebrated Finnish poet and journalist, her grandmother was a costume jewellery designer and talented painter,  whilst her mother worked as a fashion designer in  Paris.  After graduating with a  Diploma of  Higher Education in interior design she gained valuable work experience in some of London’s most renowned studios. From eclectic to classic her love of history, objets d’art and natural balance brings a classical, unique style for timeless elegance.


Céline, the mind behind Bococo Interiors
Image Credit: Bococo Interiors

Inspirations Blog: Tell us a bit about yourself and how you made your way into interior design.

Céline Jedidi: Born in France from a Tunisian father and Finnish Mother, I spent my childhood between Versailles, Saudi Arabia and Finland in the summers. This cemented my love for travelling and eclectic taste. My mother was a fashion designer in Paris and Riyadh and came from a particularly artistic family comprising of a poet and painters. Creativity was communicated and encouraged from a very young age, and part of our daily routine. My love for colours, patterns,  forms and materials combined with my pragmatic and practical mind naturally progressed into a passion for interior design and how it can really change your life, how it can make you feel from the simplicity and warmth of the Scandinavian hygge style to the incredibly rich Saudi palaces and the grandiose elegance of Versailles.


Céline, the mind behind Bococo Interiors
Image Credit: Bococo Interiors

IB: What are the biggest challenges you have faced as an Interior Designer? Also, what have been the biggest rewards?

CJ: Setting up my own company has been both incredibly scary and rewarding. I think most entrepreneurs feel this way.

IB: Why did you decide to establish in the United Kingdom and what is it like to be an Interior Designer based in London?

CF: London has been my home since 1997 and I could not imagine living anywhere else as it is an international destination for culture, art, and haute couture, where trends are set and major movers and shakers from all over the world come to. London is also home to some of the best international interior designers, highest quality craftsmanship, and most refined connoisseurs happy to experiment and be open to new ideas. There is an openness of mind and intellectual freedom that allow for originality, uniqueness, and diversity vital to the creative process. So, to answer your question, being an interior designer in London is exciting, fast-paced and pushes you to become a better designer.

Céline, the mind behind Bococo Interiors
Image Credit: Bococo Interiors

IB: Tell us about the creative process Designers have to face and how that can influence your projects.

CJ: One of the most important steps in the creative process is asking the right questions and getting to know the client, their needs, and wants. This will entirely influence the project. Understanding both the uniqueness of the client and the property’s history will determine the concept and allow to tell an individual and authentic story allowing for the client to embark on an exciting and creative journey.

Céline, the mind behind Bococo Interiors
Image Credit: Bococo Interiors

IB: Do you ever get to put your personal touch into the creative process and the projects themselves? Do you find it difficult to meet your clients’ needs entirely?

CJ: Absolutely!  Some clients prefer turn-key solutions and are happy to sign off on major decisions and others enjoy the creative process itself and collaborate on each step of this adventure. But ultimately, they trust my expertise and advice which I am very grateful for. By managing expectations you will not disappoint your clients.

Have you met Céline?

IB: About the project of your dreams: Would it be a mega-mansion in Virginia Water? Or a restaurant in Mayfair? Or a 360 room hotel in Chelsea? Tell us all about it!

CJ: Such a difficult question! Perhaps the mega-mansion in Virginia Water as it sounds incredibly romantic and grandiose. There is also a rich history to fuel creativity and interesting concepts.

Céline, the mind behind Bococo Interiors
Image Credits: Bococo Interiors

IB: Regarding the main Design trends of 2021, which one is your favourite and why?

CJ: So many but the one that I love at the moment is the sculptural furniture with its’ organic and shapely forms. It reminds me of the caveman, back to the true self and cocooning. Another one is the maximalism trend “more is more” that has come back. I just find it so creative, imaginative and osé, I love it! Patterns and colour clash, it is both playful and clever.

IB: If I were a client, what would be the first question I would get asked? How do you define your relationship with your clients?

CJ: If you could keep only one object, what would it be and why? To best define my relationship with my clients, it is a trusting and collaborative relationship. The more honest and open the clients feel they can be, the better the design will be.

Céline, the mind behind Bococo Interiors
Image Credit: Bococo Interiors

IB: As the founder and principal designer of Bococo Interiors, what is your biggest aim for your company and where would you like it to be in 10 years?

CJ: Bococo Interiors as an Interior Design Boutique & Interior Architecture studio, our aim is to transform people’s life by designing coveted and thoughtful spaces. I believe that living surrounded by beautiful design and meaningful objects can enrich our life. In ten years I see Bococo Interiors branch out into yachts interior design and develop a product line. Yachts interiors is a natural progression from high-end residential work and a passion of mine stemming from my Scandinavian heritage and my father’s love of the sea.

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If you enjoyed this article about Céline, the mind behind Bococo Interiors or other interior design-related matters, then feel free to find more interior design inspirations on our Pinterest boards and Instagram page.

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Heritage penthouse in liverpool