Inside A LA Penthouse Once Owned By Johnny Depp


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May 6, 2022
Inside A LA Penthouse Once Owned By Johnny Depp

Inside A LA Penthouse Once Owned By Johnny Depp – Johnny Depp is one of the most critically acclaimed actors of Hollywood, known for his many famous roles, either it be as Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, or Edward Scissorhands in the movie with the same name. Today, The Most Expensive Homes blog steps inside one of his many homes. Join us while we explore this amazing LA Penthouse, one of the 5 the actor once owned in the same building.

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Eastern Columbia Building

Inside A LA Penthouse Once Owned By Johnny Depp

Located in Eastern Columbia Building in downtown Los Angeles, this penthouse is full of colour, with an industrial aesthetic and a lot of artistic details. Starting with the façade, the building presents itself in tones of blue and golden and has an Art Deco style, with a gigantic clock right in the middle. The 1,839-square-foot penthouse includes two bathrooms, a lounge area and a master suite divided between two floors and a mezzanine level.

Artsy Living Room

Inside A LA Penthouse Once Owned By Johnny Depp

The first thing we notice when looking at this living and dining space is the amazing colourful mural painted by Brazilian street artists Osgemeos. The yellow tones are followed by the bright blue that covers the other walls as well as the doors, but on the other hand, the furniture and upholstery pieces are presented in softer shades, toning down the colour palette. Another focal point is the chandelier that resembles a satellite in space.

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Industrial Kitchen

Inside A LA Penthouse Once Owned By Johnny Depp

On the other side of the room we can find the kitchen. With an industrial aesthetic and metallic finishes, this kitchen set differentiates from the more nature inspired dining table and chairs, creating a perfectly balanced aesthetic for this space.

Editor’s choice

Algerone Dining Table

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Lounge Area

Inside A LA Penthouse Once Owned By Johnny Depp

On the 2nd floor there’s a lounge area. It’s possible to notice that this space follows the same aesthetic from the rest of the house, mixing the industrial, more modern style with softer elements, like the white wood side tables.

Blue Master Bedroom

Inside A LA Penthouse Once Owned By Johnny Depp

The colour palette chosen for this master bedroom consists of different shades of blue mixed with orange and beige details. This creates contrast but also adds dynamic to the room, making it look fun and match the overall aesthetic of the penthouse.

Editor’s choice:

Saboteur Single Sofa 

Private Rooftop 

Inside A LA Penthouse Once Owned By Johnny Depp

The property also includes a private outdoor area, a secluded place perfect to enjoy breakfast or lunch while soaking up the sun. Decorated with different plants and a rattan dining set, this combination creates the most relaxing and beautiful atmosphere for an outdoor area.

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