Zanotta | Collection 2022 | Re-Connecting


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September 23, 2022
Zanotta | Collection 2022 | Re-Connecting

Zanotta | Collection 2022 | Re-Connecting – Zanotta Re-connecting is the concept of the new Zanotta collection and the fil rouge inspiring the settings at both Salone and Fuorisalone, inside Zanotta House Milano. The 2022 concept embraces the brand’s philosophy and values, putting people first during the design process. It represents the evolution of behaviour, translating the transformations underway and new domestic lifestyles with a more conscious and responsible approach to design, to defend authentic know-how and quality design. Discover more in this article by The Most Expensive Homes blog!

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Zanotta | Collection 2022 | Re-Connecting

The Zanotta product is designed not only in relation to its function but considering the interaction with people: the object comes out of the purpose that has been assigned to it, enriches everyday life, and becomes the story of a generation or intimate memory capable of connecting past and present.

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Zanotta | Collection 2022 | Re-Connecting

For Zanotta, designing the icons of tomorrow means thinking about products which are:
sustainable, durable, and made with regenerated or recyclable materials, featuring
design solutions fostering the easy disassembly of individual components;
> high quality and express values such as comfort, ergonomics, functionality, flexibility, and formal innovation;
> empathic and compatible with any era and culture, capable of setting up a relationship with people, space, and time, adapting to different contexts naturally and spontaneously.

Editor’s choice:

Algerone Set Center Table

LuxxuLuxxu LightingMysaoutdoorPullcast

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Zanotta | Collection 2022 | Re-Connecting

RE-CONNECTING is a product offering that is not standardized with existing codes but instead stimulates the freedom of choice without imposing a style and matching lifestyle. The products have a soul, devised to connect with people’s needs and passions, accommodating in a functional and comfortable way, becoming a part of their story and of their home, making it unique and distinctive.

Editor’s choice:

Tempus Rug

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