Walking Dead town is for sale on Ebay


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March 12, 2015
Walking Dead town is for sale on Ebay

If you have $680,000 dollars and you are a fan of the series Walking Dead than this article will interest you for sure! If don´t, anyway this something to know about.

Walkind Dead town is for sale on Ebay

Downtown Grantville in Georgia, also known as Rick Grimes´s hometown (in the series the town appears in season three, episode named “Clear”) is for sale on eBay. But this small-town is an authentic star since it was featured not only on the zombie´s series but also in Dumb and Dumber To, Lawless and The War.




The Walking Dead fans, pay heed. So now for $680,000 you have the chance to own a little bit of the show: Downtown Grantville, Georgia, also known as Rick Grimes’s hometown (you can see the town in season three episode “Clear”) is up for sale on eBay.
Calling all wealthy – and possibly eccentric – fans of The Walking Dead: you can now own a part of the town where some of the series was filmed.

Walkind Dead town is for sale on Ebay

A series of buildings in downtown Grantville, Georgia, are now for sale on eBay, it is a very special deal! Imagine owning a place that was featured in such a hit serie!

Walkind Dead town is for sale on Ebay

Sells also said that the city is a place where the entertainment industry likes to go to film because they love the brick and the “old-town-square-type” buildings. And he added: “Downtown Grantville has a historic appeal. A lot of the buildings were built in the 1880s, and we have a railroad runs right through the heart of town.”

Walkind Dead town is for sale on Ebay

“I would love to see a movie studio or a commercial developer buy it and get everything rented out. It’s dirt cheap at about $30 per square foot, and we’ve done all the dirty work by renovating everything.”

Sells said there’s already been a lot of interest from buyers, but there’s yet to be a serious bid.


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