Fall Trends You Need To Follow In 2020


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October 2, 2020
Fall Trends You Need To Follow In 2020
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Fall Trends

Fall is the transitional season between Summer and Winter, it is the season where temperatures start to drop. It is a transitional season, associated with a melancholy feeling. Fall is also the season where trees showcase three colours: green, yellowish-orange and red before they fall. It is also the time for Halloween! The colours orange and brown are some of the predominant for this season so today, The Most Expensive Homes will explore some rugs fit for the Fall season.



Fall Trends You Need To Follow In 2020The Human body is composed of different types of cells. This rug will be the body of your dining room, bringing together all the other design cells in one perfect design body. CELL rug combines the grandiosity of three materials: Botanical Silk, Natural Wool and Lurex.


La Land is a long pile version of the Amazon rug from the botanical collection, It has several pastel colours that blend with its fluffy feeling, which makes it a very trendy piece.


The word Terracotta comes from the Italian words for “baked earth” and is a clay-like earthenware ceramic often used for flower pots, bricks, and sculptures. Terracotta is also used to describe the natural brown-orange colour and TERRACOTTA rug was born to represent the versatility of this element. With the combination of three different techniques, Hand-tufted, Overtufting, and Carving, TERRACOTTA rug will definitely make the ambiences more warm and cosy.


Rug design inspired by the conjugation of light and shadows with different perspectives of relief colours. The reference of wood brown shades makes this rug the perfect Mid-Century product. Xisto rug is perfect to give a three-dimensional feel to any room.


An image conceived through the combination of several graphic elements, the mixture of patterns makes this modern rug exclusive, different and irreverent. With a very uniform palette of colours and using three different techniques, hand-tufted, loop and cut. SIMBA stands out for the harmony between different elements, a perfect match between the rigid shapes and the curves.





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Heritage penthouse in liverpool