Best Interior Design Projects In Atlanta


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March 19, 2021
Best Interior Design Projects in Atlanta

Best Interior Design Projects In Atlanta ⇒ Atlanta is the home of thousands of amazing and creative interior designers and impressive projects as well! Stay with The Most Expensive Homes blog for your dose of inspiration seeing our selection of the best interior design projects in Atlanta.



Peachtree Battle by Amy Morris


Best Interior Design Projects In Atlanta


Amy Morris creates artful, tradition-steeped interiors that function beautifully in the modern world and this Peachtree Battle project in Atlanta is proof of that. This house has over 100 years old and Amy could awake the soulful spirit of this old house with unique refined finishes.


Contemporary Sophistication by Balance Design


Peachtree Battle by Amy Morris


The work of the interior designers behind Balanced Design speaks for itself thanks to a studied hand at creating deluxe spaces featuring fresh takes on everyday glamour and savvy home decor. This stunning Contemporary Sophistication Atlanta project makes us feel a sense of peace just looking at it. Nude colors and gold touch, the ultimate modern look of the twenty first century, don’t you agree?


Black Luxury Dressing Room by Luxxu


Best Interior Design Projects In Atlanta


Some projects just delight our eyes and fill our souls. This is Luxxu’s project is one of those designs, a dark-toned dressing room that exhales power and luxury. The open closet invites us to put on the most powerful and modern clothes we have and rock the world. Waltz Closet is made with the finest materials, walnut root veneer, black leather, black lacquered wood, brass and smoked mirror.


Waltz Closet

Best Interior Design Projects In Atlanta

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Ennis Main House by Carter Kay Interiors


Best Interior Design Projects In Atlanta

Carter Kay is a master when it comes to contemporary twists on traditional decor so today, we present you the Ennis Main House, a premium decor project with a rustic vibe.



Clifton Road by Erika Ward


Best Interior Design Projects In Atlanta


On this project, Clifton Road provided a gratuitous mix of both traditional and contemporary design elements. The result yielded classic furnishings with updated silhouettes and the introduction of their company commitment to today’s traditional design.


Dining Room by Luxxu

Best Interior Design Projects In Atlanta


The dream dining room is where and it’s created by Luxxu. An elegant and luxurious space that will make you feel almost like royalty. You must be wondering who’s the beauty above the dining table and we are so glad to present you Pharo Snooker Suspension an elegant and luxurious suspension that will light up your dining moments in a perfect way.


Pharo Snooker Suspension


Best Interior Design Projects In Atlanta

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Midtown Loft by Habachy


Best Interior Design Projects In Atlanta

Habachy Designs create the perfect contemporary interior design concept for a midtown loft in Atlanta and in this project you can find the perfect blend between different patterns, textures and colors. Warm tones make a warm welcoming project.

Luxury Living Room by Luxxu


Another project from Luxxu means another piece of art represented in a project! This one is a living room project that exhales the purest beauty in delicate furniture and mixed patterns. Thomson Sofa is really stealing the show in this design project with its refreshing details and above all bringing a luxurious and sensual atmosphere to the living room spaces.

Thomson Sofa

Best Interior Design Projects In Atlanta

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Edgy Estate by Minhnuyet Hardy


Best Interior Design Projects In Atlanta

Minhnuyet Hardy transformed Edgy Estate, a suburban residence into a luxurious, masculine retreat. Rich textures & saturated colors ensure that even expansive rooms feel cozy and intimate. This project focus was to transform each room into an impromptu gallery.

Moore’s Mill by Pineapple House


Best Interior Design Projects In Atlanta

Moore’s Mill, a design project by Pineapple House that shows the power of dark colors and their ability to transmits peace. Different patterns and textures creating a harmony that can’t be explained by words.

Upscale Atlanta Apartment by Robert Brown


Best Interior Design Projects In Atlanta

Robert Brown creates a perfect design, landing onto more nude colors but giving strong character to this leaving room. A room that is full of different furniture and patterns that will steal everybody’s attention instead.


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Hotel Entryway by Luxxu


Best Interior Design Projects In Atlanta


This Luxxu project is an absolute beauty to the eyes. A hotel entryway that exhales luxury at every corner and the Shard Chandelier is really making a scene in this design, don’t you agree?


Shard Chandelier


Best Interior Design Projects In Atlanta

Peachtree Dunwoody by VRA Interiors


Best Interior Design Projects In Atlanta


With a goal of turning a dated bedroom into something sophisticated and trendy. VRA Interiors decided to go with a light and airy color palette, as the pale blues, cool grays, and powerful golds complement one another and are timeless yet current. Tailored furnishings and subtle accents in the lighting offer a refreshing style while the natural textures and wall decor add depth and interest.


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