Inside An Luxury Apartment In Russia Designed By Studia-54


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May 25, 2020
 Inside An Luxury Apartment In Russia Designed By Studia-54

Article originally published on March 18, 2020


Studia-54 is the best international design and architecture studio based in Russia. With luxury interior design projects throughout the world, Most Expensive Homes decided to show you this amazing project in Moscow, Russia that showcases the message the firm wants to pass: sit back and enjoy this amazing project. Hope you feel inspired:



In the living room, Studia-54 built a slatted wall of natural wood to mask the column behind it and supplemented the composition with a brass rack with wooden inserts to create symmetry. The relaxing area of the room consists of a modern sofa by the Italian brand “B&B”. This bright accent brings sophistication and warmth to the strict forms of the whole living room interior design.

The light colored floor and ceiling contrast with the many warm details of natural wood to make the room feel harmonious and complete. The standout pieces from this Moscow apartments‘ living room are a luxury chandelier by Ugolino Lollie Memolli and the Empire Coffee Table by Boca do Lobo.


The sophisticated dining area, connected to the open kitchen, and consisting of a table from Catalan Italia and dining chairs by Poliform, is decorated with a truly exquisite chandelier by Brand van Egmond. This large living area, in which there is an open kitchen, a dining area, and a living room, is neatly separated but is also a single space, which gives a feeling of lightness and airiness, despite a large number of details.

In the evenings, you will see how full and interesting the design is due to a large number of directional spots on the rods, which allow you to direct and adjust the light especially giving the interior design depth.

The master bedroom was designed concisely and earth-toned so that nothing would interfere with the owners’ well-earned rest. Wooden soft panels give the interior a soft touch and smooth the impression of dark walls that contrast with the light ceiling and floor, just like in the living room design.

As receiving guests is one of the clients’ favorite things to do, of course, a guest bedroom was a must in this Moscow apartment. With a light and airy design, anyone would be more than pleased to spend the night.

Known for paying special attention to bathroom designs, Studia-54 chose to feature a double sink, a lamp by Eichholtz and Panda marble, in order to maintain the overall theme of the Moscow apartment.



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Heritage penthouse in liverpool