Top 20 Interior Designers in Vienna 2023


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January 22, 2021
Top 20 Interior Designers in Vienna 2023

Top 20 Interior Designers in Vienna 2023Vienna exudes a distinct style and refined decoration, much due to its world-class designers. Now, The Most Expensive Homes Blog explores the work of 20 of the most resilient interior designers in Vienna, that have come to decorating the interiors of many of the city’s buildings, giving it the iconic style that helps make its identity what it is.


1. Anastasia Reicher

Top 20 Interior Designers in Vienna 2023

Anastasia Reicher is an inspiring interior designer with the ability to integrate and combine numerous styles – modern, classic or flamboyant, and eccentric – her creativity has no limits. Based in Vienna, Reicher projects include the design and planning of business premises and private interiors.

2. Christian Hantschel

Top 20 Interior Designers in Vienna 2023

With his diverse range of styles, Christian Hantschel creates spaces by mixing traditional elements and modern lines, through color accents and the effect of different structures. Over the years, he was able to build up a network of professionals and contacts in the furnishing and design industry, which he has been using exclusively for his customers in both private and business areas.

3. Christian L. Einwaller

Top 20 Interior Designers in Vienna 2023

Christian L. Einwaller has an innovative team of international architects, interior and industrial designers. They offer the finest quality with a diverse range, both locally and internationally. As different as the projects may be, the common thread is the love of beauty and the highest quality standards in all matters. From the concept to the processing, they deliver designs with “Excellence in every detail” as a guiding principle.

4. Destilat

Top 20 Interior Designers in Vienna 2023

Destilat is nationally and internationally active in interior design and furniture design with offices in Vienna and Linz. They develop architectural concepts for private and corporate customers and each project is seen in a holistic context.

5. Elke Altenberger

Top 20 Interior Designers in Vienna 2023

Elke Altenberger provides interior design projects and furnishing advice for the private and corporate sectors. With an aesthetic view and quality in detail, the company offers a very close and individual customer cooperation in the form of extensive details, performance, and project relationships. Her creative conception includes bathroom furnishing advice in which she combines marble with golden details.

6. Frech Interior Design

Top 20 Interior Designers in Vienna 2023

Preserving and reinventing the old with a passion for interior design is the Frech Interior Design motto. With innovative ideas, drafts, and plans, they implemented in historical architecture, an interior design concept between past, present, and future.

7. Home Design by Astrid Harnisch

Top 20 Interior Designers in Vienna 2023

Home Design by Astrid Harnisch creates interior ideas for indoor and outdoor areas that are entirely based on the customer’s needs. With the philosophy – promote lightness in everyday life and also allow a “certain chaos” – this company designs living concepts with individuality, personalization, and a new approach, with the aim of creating the desired feeling of well-being for the customer.

8. Home Interiors

Top 20 Interior Designers in Vienna 2023

HOME INTERIORS is an interior design company that creates both the concept of the future interior to delivering a fully executed project. Their philosophy combines respect for the history of designs, love, attention to detail in order to capture the beauty that surrounds us, making every project personal and unique.

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9. Hubert Bodner Interiors

Top 20 Interior Designers in Vienna 2023

With passion and team spirit, Hubert Bodner develops together with his customers the ideal place. He accompanies from concept to precise planning and substantial implementation, creating vibrant interiors that are at once spare and luxurious, a bit extravagant but rooted in essentials.

10. Live Your Home

Top 20 Interior Designers in Vienna 2023

Live your home – Interior Design stands for furnishing advice with personality and style for apartment or house as well as for office, law firm, practice, or holiday property. With a wide range of services – from planning to implementation, from finding a style to completely redesigning an apartment, Stefanie Szöke supports creatively any project with a focus on the comprehensive and complete design.

11. Mayr Glatz

Top 20 Interior Designers in Vienna 2023

Mayr Glatzlare perfectionists at all levels, from having a vision to being able to implement it. While Heinz Glatzl brings extraordinary ideas and planning skills, Joachim Mayr tinkers with detailed solutions take care of the technical feasibility, and is a master of the right proportions and materials. This combination creates luxury and contemporary bathrooms full of essence.

12. Natalia Fahim

Top 20 Interior Designers in Vienna 2023

Natalia Fahim is a full-service interior design company in Vienna, that provides projects for residential and commercial clients. The studio develops all the process, from the concept until the completion. In this private apartment, we can visualize a modern bathroom with a dark aesthetic.

13. Patricia Tschen

Top 20 Interior Designers in Vienna 2023

Patricia Tschen offers complete and versatile solutions for renovations or new buildings with a holistic view and a close eye for details. With roots in European and Chinese culture, she always designs timelessly beautiful rooms in collaboration with the customers, transforming their vision and her passion into the room. This master bathroom is illuminated by matte white light, creating a calm atmosphere with clear lines.

14. Patrick Wertheimer

Top 20 Interior Designers in Vienna 2023

Founded in 2012, Patrick Wertheimer Interior Design works intensively with corporate interiors and high-level individual design concepts. The company is characterized by patchwork – thinking, creative flexibility, reliability, and intensive personal contact with all the customers.

15. Rooms

Top 20 Interior Designers in Vienna 2023

Rooms designs spaces that stand out from the usual, they plan, coordinate, and implement every project with great care, sensitivity, and style awareness – in cooperation with selected craftsmen and architects. Their team consists of diverse personalities who pursue a common vision and a clear line: to translate the individuality of the customers into the atmosphere of a room.

16. St. Corona Interiors

Top 20 Interior Designers in Vienna 2023

St. Corona Interiors develops tailor-made room concepts, whether cozy garçonnière or representative luxury property. Depending on the client’s needs, the company takes care of everything from the selection and procurement of individual pieces of furniture, fabrics, and wallpapers to the turn-key processing of entire projects.

17. Studio 320

Top 20 Interior Designers in Vienna 2023

Studio 320 has been creating beautiful designs for residential spaces since 2014. It was founded by Andrea Maaseide, who wanted to help others to achieve their vision for their homes, her style is eclectic, mixing modern with classic, neutrals with colors, and some treasures from travels. Along with her team, they make each client’s house feel special.

18. Victoria Kaiser

Top 20 Interior Designers in Vienna 2023

With personal commitment and attention to detail, the founder Victoria realizes her customers’ unique visions. She established herself as a communication and design expert and always tries to make the impossible – possible.

19. Weihburg Interiors

Top 20 Interior Designers in Vienna 2023

Weihburg Interiors has been creating exquisite interior design concepts since 2002. With their stylish sensitivity for shapes, colors, and design, Georg Dunekamp and Robert Ludl quickly became a fixture in exclusive interior design. with a sensitive and passionate feeling for the special, the interior professionals create unique design landscapes that authentically express the individual personality of the customer.

20. Wohn Konzepte

Top 20 Interior Designers in Vienna 2023

Wohn Konzepte stands for the perfect balance between quality and price, making optimal solutions for architecture and interior design with the idea of “comfortable living”. The bathroom design of a modern bungalow is the perfect example of his homely approach.

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Floor Samples

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