Follow These 5 Top Interior Designers From The United Kingdom


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May 27, 2019
Follow These 5 Top Interior Designers From The United Kingdom



Interior designers from the United Kingdom have already shown their high-quality talent throughout every project they accomplish. These British design firms have already presented us with astonishing settings, in several décor styles. Each interior designer shares a different and eccentric design identity, but that’s what makes them so special. Today, Most Expensive Homes presents a great selection of the best interior design studios in the UK.


Fiona Barratt

Follow These 5 Top Interior Designers From The United Kingdom

Fiona Barratt has founded her design studio in May 2006, and her projects speak for the amazing talent that she has on the interior design industry. She focuses high-end residential and commercial projects in the United Kingdom, Europe, and America for International private clients.


Fox Linton

Follow These 5 Top Interior Designers From The United Kingdom

When you think of Fox Linton Studio there are some incredible aspects that come to mind, such as high-quality and technical expertise. These crucial principles are very perceptible on every project they propose to accomplish. This translates into an absolute excellence of service, where the client’s satisfaction is the goal.


David Collins Studio

Follow These 5 Top Interior Designers From The United Kingdom

The famously known David Collins Studio shares a incredible amount of 45 architects on his team as well as his interior designers, and furniture designers. This unforgettable interior designer is recognized for his incredible projects, that are completely groundbreaking. His projects defy the interior design’s limits and continue to do so, as the world of design portrays evolution.


Cochrane Design

Follow These 5 Top Interior Designers From The United Kingdom

Credits by Cochrane Design

Cochrane Design was founded in 2004, and its purpose sits on the delivery of comprehensive design, architecture and development service. These excellence services are for private clients, developers, hoteliers and investors in the UK, or even on an international level. They look for the most high-quality service, considering every detail, in order to fulfill the client’s vision.



Follow These 5 Top Interior Designers From The United Kingdom

Credits by Studiofibre

Studiofibre is an incredible multi-disciplined design company from London, that focuses on both commercial and residential projects. These projects combine services such as interior design, architecture, bespoke furniture, as well as product design and production. This design studio is constantly inspired by their creative identity, achieving the most incredible and innovative results and proving that they’re amazing interior designers.


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