Lacquered Colors Trend In Luxury Décor Ideas


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April 2, 2019
Lacquered Colors Trend In Luxury Décor Ideas

Interior Design for Kids and Kids Bedroom Ideas


When it comes to renewing your kid’s bedroom it’s a challenge to find the most perfect furniture, that reflects their personality, as well as finding the furniture that is able to match with the most luxurious items you have within your home décor. Today, Most Expensive Homes presents you the best ideas to improve your kid’s bedroom with lacquered colors throughout your décor.


Lacquered Colors Trend In Luxury Décor Ideas

Within your home décor, it’s not only important to choose the furniture you’re going to place on every room, but also the finishes that are used on these same items, and that is why that lacquered colors are so crucial, because details are what makes a home. Lacquer is a finish applied on wooden furniture, that features a fast dry method and it also stands as a durable element. It can be used as high-gloss, satin or matte, giving a sense of protection of the own furniture, as a mirrored look.


 1. Sky Bookcase

Lacquered Colors Trend In Luxury Décor Ideas

Presented to you by Circu, there’s a bookcase that would look absolutely incredible on your kid’s bedroom, due to its original shape. The Sky bookcase is inspired in the Disney movie, Planes, and it features a combined of vintage travel suitcases. It is built in wood and lacquered in an amazing glossy grey, with some details in synthetic leather and nickel.


2. Diana Table Lamp

Lacquered Colors Trend In Luxury Décor Ideas

In a collaboration with Delightfull, Circu brings you an amazing table lamp, that is perfect for your kid’s  study space where he likes to expand his creativity. The Diana table lamp is a vintage looking lamp, with a Mid-Century concept, created through brass and aluminum, that is lacquered in a glossy color on the outside and matte white on the inside.


3. Magical Mirror

Lacquered Colors Trend In Luxury Décor Ideas

This Magical mirror is based on the famous animated movie, Snow White, so you know that this piece can cause an amazing statement within your kid’s bedroom. And although it could be only a mirror, Circu also incorporated a 22″ TV inside this mirror, where your kid will get to see all his favorite movies. This handmade piece features a silver leaf finish, along with pink translucent varnish.


4. Fantasy Air 3 Drawers

Lacquered Colors Trend In Luxury Décor Ideas

Inspired by the Disney movie, Up, Circu brings you a perfect and luxurious item, that has also the purpose to store everything you need. This Fantasy Air 3 Drawers Chest features three massive vintage travel suitcases, that are built in wood, lacquered in glossy white, with synthetic leather details and gold plated finishes.


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