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Heritage penthouse in liverpool


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March 3, 2022
Luxury Houses – Discover Luxxu´s New Premium Ebook

Luxury Houses – Discover Luxxu´s New Premium EbookMore than a book, a vibrant guide with the most Luxury Houses. From mansions to deluxe apartments, LUXXU has the ability to transform any space with the greatest collection of furniture and lihting. 

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A distance legacy, more than a book, a vibrant guide

Explore these Luxury houses

More than a Book, a Vibrant Guide

In this vibrant Book of Luxury Houses, LUXXU unveils a variety of projects, shining alongside the brand’s design pieces, that display the capacity of decorating an entire house. The reader can travel to the Bohemian Parisian Apartment, the Industrial New York Loft, the Eclectic Deluxe Villa by Noura Faris, a City Refuge in Washington by Anastasia Reese, the Opulent Sydney Hotel, and others. All of them showcase the brand’s identity and the luxurious universe that clients can achieve when decorating their houses with LUXXU’s products.

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Let’s Start With The Luxury Residences

Mont Blanc Retreat

Living room from Mont blac retreat a perfect example of luxury houses for this article

The Mont-Blanc project consisted of a luxurious and private retreat up in the mountains where achieving peace and tranquility while being surrounded by luxury was the main goal of this endeavor. Surrounded by precious schist walls and dark essence, Luxxu created an environment capable of erasing every distraction.

luxury bedroom from montblac retreat

This residence is divided into two floors, the top one hosting two amazing master bedrooms, one of them being the prime example of how you can bring luxury interior design and adapt it to a teenager’s bedroom.

charla bed with orange sheets from mont blac luxury house

The presence of two statements in these two rooms comes in the form of the Charla Bed and the Chateau Bed, two imponent additions that gave each bedroom the perfect place to dream in peace and luxury.

ground floor with the thomson sofa on this luxury house of mont blanc

The ground floor of this amazing piece of real estate is where both the dining and living room are located, embellished with stunning art pieces and exquisite décor, this area of the Mont Blanc house is the stage that hosts 4 sets of eye-catching Explosion Suspensions and the sophisticated Thomson Sofa.


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luxury houses have stunning black marble bathrooms like the one in mont blanc

Furthermore, this one-of-a-kind bathroom with a dash of nature has topped all expectations when it comes to the manner and brilliance in which Luxxu can produce bathroom luxury ambiances in a stunning partnership with Maison Valentina.

step inside our new world a new luxxu experience designed for you

Enjoy our next luxury house

Charla Home

luxury bedroom from charla home

The Charla Home turns Luxxu’s dedication to excellence to the city of Los Angeles, this mesmerizing residence comes with a fabulous master bedroom where the Charla lines and beige tones merge beautifully together.

From the Charla Ottoman to the Charla XL Bed this bedroom is full of great design wonders that really represent the prime of interior design.

luxury office from this mansion

The Charla office is one of Luxxu’s most iconic office designs and all the exclusivity associated with being a true boss are conveyed in this one ambiance.

Functionality and sophistication are at the forefront of the interior design of this room, the Apotheosis Desk is paired with the Charla Office Chair is one of the best combinations Luxxu has ever produced.

Are you fascinated with our luxury houses?

a combinination from charla dining chair and a littus dining table always result in a luxury dining room

The icon of this collection makes a grandeur appearance in the dining room where the Charla Dining Chair in all its style and flair shows you why this is one of Luxxu’s best sellers, allied to a bespoke Littus Dining Table and the Shard Suspension create a truly gorgeous dining area.

luxury houses always have a stunning and big living room

Right next to the dining room, separated only by two small steps we can find a living room of majestic proportions with details that will take your breath away, be it the Empire Set III Center Table or the Ocadia Armchair, the smooth manner in which these elements are combined is simply wonderful.

The Stylish Apartments

Deluxe Moscow Apartment

deluxe moscow apartment

The deluxe Moscow apartment fills the Russian capital with style. Bespoke elements can be found anywhere and golden accents are at a premium in the dining room with the Beyond Dining Table and the Liberty Snooker Suspension.

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living room from charla home

The living room is a high-end environment with delightful and luxurios lighting including the elegant Liberty Slim Suspensions.

luxury bedroom from charla home

The amazing bedroom is the place where a perfect aesthetic will send you to your most luxurious dreams, the Bespoke green olive Charla Stools are the seductive detail of this room.

The New York Loft

new york apartment and it's living room

The New York loft is where Luxxu masterfully combined an industrial and contemporary style with luxury interior design. The city that never sleeps hosts this fabulous living room and pieces like the Thyco XS Small Pendant blends harmoniously with the style of this project.

aother luxury bedroom in the charla home

The bedroom is a simply stunning area where contemporary comfort is at a premium and modern design reigns supreme. The 2 Beyond Side Tables provide a lovely shape and beautiful symmetry in accordance with the Needle Wall Lamps, customization from the innovative Needle Table Lamp.

Covet House Boca do Lobo Brabbu Luxxu Essential Home Delightfull Caffe Latte Covet Lighting Rug Society Maison Valentina Circu Pullcast Covet Collection Homesociety Mid-century Club

Parisian Apartment

parisian apartment living room

An apartment that brings the Vivant Parisian style with grace and luxury. This apartment is full of sumptuous green tones that convey the richness that you would associate with the city of light, you can observe these green hues in the Charla Sinle Sofas and the Senzu Sofa.

babel suspension in this dining room from the luxxu parisian apartment

An abundance of crystals ingratiates the dining room with the Babel II Suspension.

Kuala Lumpur Condo

Luxxu Kuana Lumpur Condo

The Condo in Kuala Lumpur is simply mesmerizing, with a cloudy essence and a high ceiling, the main piece that symbolizes the luxury in this project is the Babel XL Chandelier, an imponent lighting masterpiece that is accompanied by the Babel Floor Lamp.

luxury houses are a symbol of luxxu's dining room

Also in the dining room, you can find dynamic styles in the form of the Apotheosis XL Dining Table and the Apotheosis Sideboard.

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The Exclusive Partnerships for our Luxury Houses

The Enigmatic Cairo House With Noura Faris

egyptian living room

This collaboration between LUXXU and the Cairene interior designer resulted in a warm Egyptian-inspired home with the customary mysterious aura of the City of a Thousand Minarets. The customer will get the feeling of a genuine Pharaoh.

Enigmatic Cairo House and it's dining room

Luxury is everywhere you look in this house and the most creative pieces such as the McQueen II Wall Lamp were used in this amazing project.

A City Refuge In Washington With Anastas Reese


Luxxu challenged the talented Anastasia Reese to design a modern luxury house with the iconic pieces from the brand fused with the interior designer’s signature style. From this challenge was created a City Refuge in Washington D.C., where dark tones and golden accents make a timeless color palette.

Luxury lighting fixtures from luxxu washinghton house

This house reunites Luxxu’s most outstanding lighting fixtures and renowned upholstery pieces.

Hospitality Design

Sydney Hotel

Luxxu created city refuge in washington DC

This opulent hotel in Sydney showcases Luxxu’s mastery when it comes to hospitality design and the lobby of this hotel stands as the main attraction with 4 amazing lounge areas.

empire plafonds for the washington city refuge

The restaurant design was also something to marvel at with stunning Empire Plafonds that light up the whole dining area fabulously.


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Heritage penthouse in liverpool