Timeless Rugs Are A Must-Have In Every Design Project!


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October 30, 2020
Timeless Rugs Are A Must-Have In Every Design Project!

Timeless Rugs are an absolute must-have in every setting throughout your own home! Timeless rugs never go out of style, with unique materials, colors, patterns, and qualities. For hallways and entryways finding a rug that has a durable fiber like wool cotton or sisal is a must. For the living and dining room, it is best to go for one made of wool and silk. Wool has versatility, silk has elegance and sisal simplicity.


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Once you have determined the location and material, it is time to choose colors and patterns. In our view, the best colors are the ones found in nature: solids and neutrals; or multi-color rugs that have jewel-toned reds, blues, and greens.



As for patterns, the longest types of patterns in history are the ones with Persian, Moroccan, Scandinavia, and Vintage design. Persian rugs are well known for their striking beauty and quality. These types of rugs have over 2500 years ad the intricate designs, often hand-woven wool, are works of art. The most common Persian patterns are tribal, medallion, and all-over.



The Moroccan rugs have free-form geometric patterns called trellis and tiles; mostly use neutral colors and can be used to add warmth to a modern space or as a modern touch to a traditional space.




Scandinavia rugs are clean and cheery with muted or bold and bright colors. The most classic Scandinavian patterns are geometric, however, we also fund more exotic designs with floral and wildlife shapes. Scandinavia rugs are calming and down and to earth with understated elegance.



Vintage rugs are timeless and typically high-quality and increase in valor over time. Having already lived through the 1970s, 1980s ad 1990s, vintage rugs are a great investment. If neither of these styles and colors suits you, always go for what you love.





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