Chanel-Inspired Closet Comes With a .5M Mansion in Texas


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Heritage penthouse in liverpool


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July 29, 2015
Chanel-Inspired Closet Comes With a $17.5M Mansion in Texas

Who ever heard before the Texan saying “everything is bigger in Texas”? There’s a very good reason to they say this. That’s because when Texans go big, they go huge! In this case, a full-scale French-style chateau comes with a two-story closet the size of most houses.

This $17.5 million luxury home — measuring well over 30,000 square feet — is only a 30-minute drive from Dallas, but looking around the esplanade, no one would never guess that were in the Lone Star State.


But why waste time off the property when there’s an enormous closet to examine? In this closet, designed for a leisurely afternoon with the ladies and your own personal glam squad, it is easy to do more than simply keep clothes in this space.


With six bedrooms — and a veranda that can fit 450 people — the home’s scale demands a colossal closet. A chandelier hangs between the closet’s open atrium, highlighting the banister and mirrors throughout. While the home was modeled after the Louis XIV-style Chateau de Vaux-le-Vicomte — a 17th-century castle developed by the artistic team that worked on Versailles — the closet takes its cues from Chanel. The design replicates the dark elegance of Chanel’s Paris flagship, with dark cabinetry interplaying with supple neutral textures, plenty of mirrors for constant self-admiration, and gold lighting and hardware.


Besides the colossal closet, there are other rooms in this house to explore. You could roll a strike in the two-lane bowling alley. Or head to the home theater, decorated in pink and gold with a painted ceiling. So before you head off to a step and repeat, we recommend you check out the candelabra-flanked grand staircase in the spacious foyer, which is topped by a 78-foot dome that opens onto all four stories.


Don’t worry about authenticity and quality, because this is no mere rush-job replica à la the terrifying documentary “Queen of Versailles”. “The very first time I saw it, I wasn’t sure what to expect at all,” she says. “But I was really, truly amazed by the quality of the construction”, says Joan Eleazer, the listing agent from Eleazer Group.


In fact, the home is quite a deal. Built 13 years ago at a cost of $50 million, today it’s offered for less than half that price. But an important question remains: who wouldn’t want to have a castle with a two-story closet for a mere $17.5 million?

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Heritage penthouse in liverpool