Casa Casuarina: Gianni Versace's Miami Beach Mansion Is Now a Hotel


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February 22, 2018
Casa Casuarina: Gianni Versace’s Miami Beach Mansion Is Now a Hotel

Built in 1930, Casa Casuarina, formerly known as the home of the legendary Italian fashion designer, Gianni Versace has now been converted into a luxury hotel. Guests can now stay in one of its 10 marvelous suites.

The famed Miami Beach Mansion which was home to the iconic fashion designer Gianni Versace may have gone down in history for all the wrong reasons, however, the astonishing and private villa Casa Casuarina has now been transformed into a new luxury hotel, where fans of the designers and tourists alike can book one of the 10 majestic and highly decorated suites.

Casa Casuarina Gianni Versace's Miami Beach Mansion Is Now a Hotel 2

Sadly, Versace was famously murdered on the steps of this sprawling mansion back in 1997, which weirdly enough has made this house into one of the biggest attractions in Miami. Versace purchased the house in 1992, and he went even further by purchasing the Revere Hotel next door which he later knocked down to accommodate a pool as well as a new south wing for his home.

Casa Casuarina Gianni Versace's Miami Beach Mansion Is Now a Hotel 3

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The Mansion now-turned hotel has 10  incredible suites and a stunning pool lined with 24-karat gold tiles, plus a recently added restaurant that’s simply called Gianni’s, where guests may experience Italian and Mediterranean dishes as well as honouring the life and work of the late designer.

Casa Casuarina Gianni Versace's Miami Beach Mansion Is Now a Hotel 8

Casa Casuarina was built in 1930 by a man named Alden Freeman. Alden Freeman’s father, Joel Freeman, was Treasurer ma of The Standard Oil Trust (also known as Rockefeller’s Company) and left Alden a fabulous wealth when he passed away. The Hubbell & Hubbell Company was the contractor responsible for the construction of Casa Casuarina.

Casa Casuarina Gianni Versace's Miami Beach Mansion Is Now a Hotel 9Villa Suite

Starting at $1199 per night, the One Bedroom Suites include the Villa Suite that features a decadent custom double king-sized bed and mural-covered walls; the Venus suite that comes with an Italian marble bathroom; the Signature Suite that features a stunning balcony that allows guests to have sweeping views of the Ocean Drive and the sands of the Miami Beach; and the The Garden Suite, a relaxing haven that provides a magnificent scenery of the mansion’s Mosaic Garden and the Thousand Mosaic Pool

Casa Casuarina Gianni Versace's Miami Beach Mansion Is Now a Hotel 7Signature Suite

The Exceptional Suites start at $999 per night. The Medallion suite features an oversized custom shower and also offers unobstructed views of the pool. The Mosaic Suite highlights red and cream interiors with Italian mosaic flooring and an oversized sunken jacuzzi tub. The Aurora Suite is bathed in a golden light from the ample stained glass windows lining the bedroom and sitting room.

Casa Casuarina Gianni Versace's Miami Beach Mansion Is Now a Hotel 6Medallion Suite

Now, the Superior Suites are less expensive, starting at  $749 per night but also offer the luxury, comfort and privacy one always seeks. The Empire Suite shares a private foyer with the abovementioned The Villa Suite. It features murals of sultans and a soothing honey and jewel-tone colour scheme. Awash in rich cream and blue colours, The Azure Suite features a king-sized bed and two full-sized beds/sitting alcoves along with a sitting area and walk-in closet. Lastly, The Aviary Suite, where parrots, hummingbirds and doves decorate the walls, is the epitome of tranquility and luxury.

Casa Casuarina Gianni Versace's Miami Beach Mansion Is Now a Hotel 5

Guests can also enjoy exclusive access to The Thousand Mosaic Pool and two private lounges. The pool was inspired by Gianni Versace’s “Marine Vanitas” collection and contains thousands of 24K gold tiles. The main character of the pool is Poseidon, the God of the Sea.

In regards to dining, the mansion features the villa’s restaurant, set in the pebble-mosaic Dining Room with a focus on refined continental cuisine or choose to breakfast or lunch en-suite or poolside. Gianni’s, the restaurant, offers a delicious blend of Italian and Mediterranean food and wine selections, served in a one-of-a-kind historic setting.

Casa Casuarina Gianni Versace's Miami Beach Mansion Is Now a Hotel 4

To fully understand what we are talking about, you can now see the mansion being featured in Ryan Murphy’s acclaimed series, American Crime Story season 2, as it is all about the assassination and life of the legendary designer.

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