Amazing Sol House by David Guerra


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Heritage penthouse in liverpool


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August 28, 2015
Amazing Sol House by David Guerra

This beautiful home was created by one of the best Brazilian interior designers David Guerra. David believes that a good project can’t miss a great interactive relation with the customer, full of affection, humor and observation. He searches in this interaction the creative, the elegant, the essential, without following only trends. Likes the mix that provides a space full of soul, memories, concept and identity. A space that would be personal, unique and unforgettable.TOP-Interior-Designers-David-Guerra-3Disposed at the same level and surrounded by charming gardens, the residence designed by architect David Guerra attends a couple with children and grandchildren. “Marked by abundant openings of walls and ceiling, the rustic home is at the same time contemporary. The abundant use of wood from demolition and the family legacy mobile ensure that personality to the home. It is a safe and inspiring retreat, “said the architect.

TOP-Interior-Designers-David-Guerra-5A simple home program was installed on the level above the street, with all rooms on one floor. Only the studio and sauna are in the basement. The premise of the project, according War, was to secure the natural light in the environment. “The owners suffered from humidity and little sunshine in the former residence. With that in mind, we distribute spaces and positioned glass walls, including in top openings. This ensured cross ventilation and full integration with the outdoors, “he explains.

TOP-Interior-Designers-David-Guerra-14Inspiring environments and sustainable solutions

The main environment, formed by the integration of living room, dining room and home theater, was built with metal and high-ceilinged structure. The range sets it apart from other spaces. The kitchen can also be, or not connected to the dining room as the large port / wood sliding panel has a split function or unite these spaces.

TOP-Interior-Designers-David-Guerra-11Facing the garden in the outdoor area, a full gourmet kitchen – equipped with gas grill ‘char broil’ – was established to meet a great desire of the owners. An exclusive spa with openings offers relaxation, well-being and the beautiful view of the mountains. In addition, the home includes raising cash rainwater for reuse and pickups solar energy.

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TOP-Interior-Designers-David-Guerra-14Materials and décor reflect history and identity

Ceramic tiles make up the cover. A timber liner “clear ipê” follows the unique water from the roof to the gardens, forming a balcony. “The floor of the terraced area was coated with hydraulic tile clear, soft geometrical designs,” says the architect. It also highlights the automotive paint coffee tone applied in major parts of the residence were kept apparent. “This house finishing well with the tone of the lining and the wood used in the large indoor floor”.

TOP-Interior-Designers-David-Guerra-11All facades received Italian texture, and the décor has personality with antiques – full of memories – the family has acquired over time. “The mix of the new with the furniture and curios printed residence this unique identity,” emphasizes War.


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Heritage penthouse in liverpool