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March 16, 2015
Luxury $800 ice cream

You can find this bowl of luxury in Dubai in a cafe called “Scoopi Café”. It is the most expensive scoop of ice cream that you have ever seen. One scoop of this ice cream will cost you, only, $ 817!

Luxury $800 ice cream

This delicious piece of heaven made with the most luxurious ingredients in the world and goes by the name “Black Diamond Scoop”.
The dessert is a mix of Madagascar vanilla ice cream, Iranian saffron and pieces of black Italian truffle.

Luxury $800 ice cream

The truffle gives a great depth taste but of course that a little bit of gold had to be a part of this. Of course, this gold detail will increase the price of this delicacy. So at the top the ice cream is covered with an edible leaf of 23 carat gold.




The most expensive ice cream is served in a refined Versace cup, an authentic luxury treat!
Zubin Doshi, the owner of Scoopi Cafe, said that the popular ice cream products in this city are cheaper, but he expects an extraordinary success of his bold creation. You cannot imagine how many people are willing to pay for quality and luxurious products like this one.

Luxury $800 ice cream

The truth is that there will always be someone who will do it because there also will be a few of them that might pay $800 for a scoop of ice cream, maybe just for show off or taste wise, who knows? But if you look closer it doesn´t even sound that good: Saffron, truffle, vanilla.

The Most Expensive Homes wouldn´t pick this mix of flavors even if it was $1 dollar. What about you? excited to try the most expensive ice cream ever? Head up to Scoopi Cafe in Dubai and you just need a good palate and a lot of extra money: $817 for this luxury treat!

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