Hublot Opens New Boutique In Madrid


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September 16, 2022
Hublot Opens New Boutique In Madrid 

Hublot Opens New Boutique In Madrid – Madrid’s second Hublot Boutique has opened for business! The boutique, which is run by long-time partner Rabat, was formally inaugurated with the customary ribbon cutting. There, award-winning footballer Alexia Putellas, former footballer Luis Figo, and mentalist Lior Suchard—all ambassadors and close friends of the company—joined Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe and Jordi Rabat for the event! Discover more about Hublot and its boutiques in this article by The Most Expensive Homes blog.

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Hublot Opens New Boutique In Madrid

About Hublot

Hublot Opens New Boutique In Madrid

Founded in Geneva in 1980 by Italian Carlo Crocco, Hublot is a Swiss luxury watchmaker that primes for its innovation since the beginning. Hublot established itself as a groundbreaking company by introducing the unorthodox combination of gold and rubber in its products, which allowed the brand to become a master of the “Art of Fusion”.

Hublot Opens New Boutique In Madrid

According to the brand itself, the Art Of Fusion is the amalgamation of the present and the past that originates a watch projected for the future, the blending of conventional, contemporary, and innovative elements, and the marriage between excellence and the influence of bold design identity.

A New Boutique In Madrid

The Event

Hublot Opens New Boutique In Madrid

The new Hublot boutique is located on Calle Serrano 30, in the prestigious Golden Mile, considered one of the oldest and most emblematic buildings in Madrid. The event happened on the 15th of September, with a morning meeting with the press that got to explore the Hublot universe in a more spacious and luxurious space designed for watch lovers.

Hublot Opens New Boutique In Madrid

Following the opening, 100 guests attended a cocktail reception and supper at the famous Casa Velázquez, which included a small group of the brand‘s friends, famous people, and Hublot and Rabat’s clients. Among the visitors that posed for the photocall that was organized for this special occasion were Luis Figo, Lior Suchard, actor Yon González, presenter Noem de Miguel, and model Juan Betancourt.

Inside A New Boutique Filled With Luxury and Glamour

Hublot Opens New Boutique In Madrid

The new Hublot boutique offers customers the possibility to enter the Hublot experience. Visitors get immediately immersed in “The Art of Fusion” concept upon entering the boutique. The room combines luxury with modernism, history with innovation, and was created to provide guests with a bright, pleasant, and welcoming atmosphere right away. As soon as you enter, you’ll be able to see LUXXU’s beautiful Empire Suspensions, items that perfectly match the concept of the Hublot brand.

Get the look:

Empire Suspension

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Hublot Opens New Boutique In Madrid

Limited editions, in-house manufactured movements, and clocks built from unusual materials will find a home in this new boutique. Materials used in the boutique space, including mirrors, glass, Alcantara leather, wood, and metallic accents, represent the vibrant spirit of the city.

Hublot Opens New Boutique In Madrid

The venue, like the other Hublot boutiques across the world, pays homage to the art world, which is dear to the company, by showcasing sizable Pop Art paintings that are inspired by legendary Hublot pieces.

Hublot Opens New Boutique In Madrid

The boutique is set over two floors. The classic works of the Swiss luxury watchmaker are showcased on 27 m2 on the ground floor, and a 15 m2 VIP section provides a more individualized shopping experience. With a surface area of about 40 m2, the second level downstairs can be used for individual visits, exhibitions, or just lounging while immersed in the Hublot creative universe.

Other Hublot Boutiques Accross The World

Dubai Mall Boutique

Hublot Opens New Boutique In Madrid

Hublot’s Dubai boutique features one of LUXXU’s most emblematic pieces. The Empire Chandelier is inspired by the stunning architecture of The Empire State Building. It’s a masterpiece chandelier lamp with an extravagant shape, capable of transforming every space into a stunning scenario.

Hublot London New Bond Street

Hublot Opens New Boutique In Madrid

The same lighting fixture can be found inside Hablot’s boutique in London which opened in 2011. Due to its vigorous personality, the Empire Chandelier creates an exclusive atmosphere, fit for every Hublot boutique.

Get the look:

Empire Chandelier

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Hublot Zurich Boutique

Hublot Opens New Boutique In Madrid

Back in its origin country, the Hublot boutique in Zurich first opened in 2014. Like many other Hublot boutiques, this one suffered a refurbishment that resulted in a brighter, more spacious, and modern space, glamorously decorated with another Empire Suspension.

Hublot Ginza Boutique

Hublot Opens New Boutique In Madrid

Located in a building that features a 56-meter-high glass-paneled facade with mirrored tiles, the Hublot Ginza boutique is the brand’s biggest flagship boutique. The three floors that compose this store feature beautifully designed interiors with leather, ebony, and crystal accents from the Empire Chandelier that gives a unique and wonderfully textured design.

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