Popular articles of 2014


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Heritage penthouse in liverpool


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December 29, 2014
Popular articles of 2014

We have grouped the most popular articles of our incredible blog “The Most Expensive Homes”. This year of 2014 has been amazing!

Halle Berry’s Malibu Beach House

The eternal Cat Woman’s $8 million Malibu Beach Home is a dream home located in a luxury neighborhood and with incredible views to the ocean.

Popular Articles of 2014


Read more…

10 incredible Hollywood Vintage Mansions: How the stars lived

The Most Expensive Homes made a selection of 10 incredible Vintage Hollywood Mansions and shows you how stars like Sophia Loren, James Dean, Elvis Presley and many more lived in the confort of their homes.

Popular Articles of 2014


Of course you want to see more! Read more here.

7 abandoned mansions from around the world

Today is friday the 13th, a day many people believe to be the unluckiest date on the calendar. To signal the date I made a seletion of the 7 most mysterious and scariest abandoned mansions around the world. After all 7 is a lucky number.

Popular Articles of 2014

Do you want to see more of this stunning abandoned mansions? Read more here!

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s new home

She is one of the most famous celebrities in the world and he… an international music icon. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s new Bel Air mansion is a $11 million dollar dream home.

Popular Articles of 2014

I bet you are dying to read more about this home. Read more here!

Jennifer Aniston’s 1970’s Beverly Hills Estate

When Jennifer Aniston fell in love with this 1970’s house on a hillside overlooking Beverly Hills, it took the woman who owned it seven months to agree to sell it.

popular articles of 2014 - jennifer-anniston

To read more about this article click here!

A lot of stars as expected in this popular group of articles in this year! We loved this year, and you?

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  • Lilly Singh is one of the most popular internet personalities of the last decade and today The Most Expensive Homes blog is taking a look at her house.
  • Set in the heart of the burgeoning Hudson Yards district, this residence embodies contemporary grandeur. Discover more on our blog now!
  • Embark on a captivating journey through the realm of luxury and innovation as we dive into the awe-inspiring world of the superyacht Octopus. Learn more on our blog.
  • Nestled within Huangcuo, the exclusive pool bar and enchanting book kiosk epitomize Louis Vuitton’s unyielding quest for perfection, artistry, and refinement. It is perfect to enjoy the view with family and friends, right?
  • Pierre Yovanovitch has earned a name for himself across the world via very prominent design projects that clearly show his made-in-France style, where strong underpinnings of absolute luxury support a pure vision of interior architecture. Learn more about this and other luxury designs on our blog.
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Heritage penthouse in liverpool