Bran Castle, Behold Romania's Wonder


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April 7, 2019
Bran Castle, Behold Romania’s Wonder



Bran Castle is Romania’s best kept secret, as well as a national monument and landmark. This mesmerizing castle is located near Bran, on the border between Transylvania and Wallachia. Today, Most Expensive Homes presents you this castle, that is an absolute dream come true, sitting in the most amazing landscape.


Bran Castle, Behold Romania's Wonder

Bran Castle is a wonderful castle located in Romania, near Bran, This is one of the most beautiful places in the country, and for that considered a landmark and a national monument. Famously known for being the home of the Count Dracula character, this castle was built in 1300. This is a museum that displays magnificent pieces of art and furniture that once belonged to Queen Marie.


Bran Castle, Behold Romania's Wonder

Bran Castle has over 20 acres, and since the 80’s until today, it has been a museum to display Queen Marie’s collected art and furniture for everyone around the world. To see what’s within the castle, you can either decide to explore for yourself, or ask for a guided tour. At the bottom of the hill there’s also another museum that has the purpose to show traditional Romanian items, such as barns, cottages and many more.


Bran Castle, Behold Romania's Wonder

Bran Castle‘s architectural style sits on a Medieval concept, with the total and incredible number of 17 bedrooms and 40 other rooms. Throughout all these rooms, there are displayed several and luxurious pieces of art and furniture, that are one of a kind and custom pieces or antiques. All of these pieces belonged to Queen Marie’s personal collection, when she resided in the castle.


Bran Castle, Behold Romania's Wonder

Many urban myths exist around the Bran Castle, due to the conception that this was the residence of Count Dracula. In reality, this was Queen Marie’s favorite residence, which was renovated to host all of the Royal Family at the time. Today, it still carries every piece kept by Queen Marie, transforming this castle into a priceless combination.


Bran Castle, Behold Romania's Wonder

So, if you need a reason to go to Romania, Bran Castle seems like a very good one! Once you find yourself there, make sure to explore all the amazing things that the Bran Castle has to show you. There’s a lot of art and custom furniture that is absolutely breathtaking.


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