Design MEETings with Tobias Oliver Interiors


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August 27, 2021
Design MEETings with Tobias Oliver Interiors

Design MEETings with Tobias Oliver Interiors– Tobias Oliver is the interior designer and founder of Tobias Oliver Interiors. He has always known that design fascinated him because he had the opportunity and the luck to travel around the world and visit many museums that gave him a huge taste for art. For Tobias, these two passions are intertwined. Art inspires interior design, and interior design, in a way, also inspires art.



Design MEETings with Tobias Oliver Interiors

Art inspires him so much that in order for Tobias to get inside the client’s head and understand exactly what they want, Tobias takes the client to art galleries. This is one of the processes he uses because this way he can understand what they like in terms of colors, tones, styles, and an overall look.

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In fact, we are all so surrounded by everything all the time… art, inspirations, tips, and ideas… in interior design, this happens too. And perhaps because of this, people often ask themselves, why hire an interior designer to decorate my home? What does an interior designer offer me that I can’t find through a simple search on the Internet?

If you are thinking about decorating your house, you have certainly thought about it, right? Well, we are here to answer all your questions, and we always use the best people to give us the answers. Tobias answers clearly and simply: “the options are endless and can be overwhelming to a client. An interior design professional will guide a client through the constellation of options available to create their design vision.” Makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?  

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What can also be overwhelming and what Tobias doesn’t like are interior design styles that are too garish or overpowering. In his opinion, rooms should take people on a gradual journey, with subtle details and highlights that slowly embed themselves.

And to someone who is so focused on art and with such a defined style and taste, of course, we questioned if his own home reflects that same style.“No, I love the idea of one of my favorite interior designers designing my home.  Designing for myself is not fun.”  

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We already realize that it ends up being somewhat unanimous among some interior designers. But also, it ends up happening in every job, don’t you agree? Isn’t it always more fun and interesting when we do it for others? To meet their expectations and show the final work as what they always wanted? We think so.

And as far as we are concerned, we were very happy to hear that Tobias Oliver is already familiar with some of the work we do and represent. He knows Boca do Lobo and has always loved the Eden table. He knew it would be used for an ideal client and with the right style. And the conclusion of that? It was a super-satisfied client, of course! And knowing that made our day!  


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To make things even better, Tobias even admitted to us that the place in the world he likes to work in the most is also the most beautiful country in the world. Which one? The answer is obvious… Portugal!

Portugal is like his second home and is very dear to him, as he spends almost 35 years of his life spending vacations in our amazing country. Besides that, he currently has two different projects in the Algarve and Monte Estoril which are being very dynamic for the company.

He doesn’t know the North region yet and really wants to get to know Porto. We hope to welcome him very soon as only we know how to do it!

Tobias Oliver Interiors won’t stop surprising and will have news very soon when it comes to their passion for art. They have an art gallery in their showroom and will be featuring new artists they met on a work trip to Paris. They have become passionate about their art and intend to showcase it in a way that will continue to inspire and guide their customers, as they have always done so well so far!

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Heritage penthouse in liverpool